New partnership with Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd.

Auditdata is pleased to announce a new partnership with Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd., a China-based distributor of hearing test equipment and hearing/speech rehabilitation equipment.

Auditdata strengthened in the Asian market

This partnership will strengthen Primus’ presence in the Asian market considerably and is a testament to Primus’ continuing success worldwide.

“We are confident that Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment’s integrity and prominent position in China will help us leverage our position in the Asian market”, says Ib Drachmann-Hansen, General Manager at Auditdata. “With its honest and trustworthy approach to its customers, Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment has an excellent reputation for working closely with their customers to address their unique requirements. We feel that they will definitely provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential in China.”

Well-established Chinese distributor

Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd. has successful offices and branches in Shanghai, Xi’an, Shangdong, Anhui and more. These four branches are the center branches that supply technical services and a sales network for east China, northwest and the southwest region of China. Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd. not only promotes products but also bears the corresponding social responsibility and cooperates with colleges and universities to provide hearing care professionals with training in the field of audiology. Every year, the company will hold hearing knowledge training courses with well-known schools and hospitals to support a large number of teachers in the Midwest of China.

With this new partnership, Auditdata customers now have an expanded channel to access the industry’s most innovative hearing test equipment.

For more information

To contact Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd., please or contact them directly here:

Shanghai JiaYu Medical Equipment Co, Ltd.
Room 104, No.678, Shangda Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China
Phone: +86 21 60296650
Fax: +86 21 60296651