Strato Version 2.3.2, Ensuring You Are GDPR Compliant

Smart Permissions Solutions To Ensure You Can Handle Your Customers Data Without Worry

We believe that our role as a trusted provider of intelligent software solutions is to ensure that you can do your job with ease. We understand that many of our customers are worried about the looming introduction of the GDPR at the end of this month and we have now provided features within Strato that will help to allay those worries.

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Strato, version 2.3.2  and as discussed in our recent article, Strato and GDPR Compliance, Strato is now fully compliant with the GDPR regulation on data protection and privacy for everyone within the EU. Strato functionality complies with all the fundamental GDPR concepts such as:

  • Right to Access - clients are entitled to obtain information on the use of their data and the purpose of its use
  • Right to be Forgotten - clients can now request that you delete their personal data
  • Data Portability - clients can now ask that you transfer their personal data to them in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format
  • Privacy by Design - Strato is designed and built so that, data is inherently protected


GDPR Permissions

GDPR Permissions

We have now included an integrated GDPR permissions feature within the Strato system. It allows you to get implicit permissions from your customers for all of the activities that you keep their data.

Not just that, we have ensured that you can filter the permissions in search so that you never undertake any communication action that you don’t have authority to conduct.

The new permissions feature combined with filtering feature will allow you to run your business marketing activities without fear.

You can find all the GDPR related permissions in one place by going to Tools > Administration > Roles. Start editing the role and then locate GDPR Compliance Features under Permissions.

The following permissions are available in the feature:

  • Client Consent - Manage - select to create and edit consent forms in the Administration
  • Client Consent - Register - allows the user to register client consent
  • Client Consent - Withdraw - enable the user to withdraw client consent
  • Client Data Export - allows a user to export client data from Strato
  • Client Data Report - this will enable the user to display the client data on customer's request
  • Client Erasure - with this permission, users can erase clients from Strato
  • User Data Export - enables the user to export user data from Strato
  • User Erasure - select to allow deleting of users from Strato

Managing Client Consent

The new system also provides you with an easy way to collect your client’s consent which you may require to process or transfer their data. You can create consent questions and then add them to your consent forms.

You can customise both the header and footer of the consent forms. Consent forms with questions will then be available on the client screen.

Erasing Client Data

You can now delete client records from Strato if requested by the customer. We have ensured that erased data includes all client information except the data that is relevant to the original purpose of processing. For instance, client's sale documents or appointment records are still available in Strato.

The deleted client will no longer be found in the Client EXPLORE view. However, the erased client will be visible in the rest of the EXPLORE views since you will still require this for financial and reporting reasons. The client's data is no longer displayed, and if you attempt to open their client screen, you will get an error message.

GDPR Erase Client

Users with the Client Erasure permission can apply the Show Erased Clients filter to only display erased clients. You can also still find the erased client's appointments since those are records belonging to the shop. Again, even though those records will be visible in the Scheduler EXPLORE view, the client's data is no longer displayed.

Restoring Erased Clients

If you need to for any reason, you can restore the records of an erased client. It is as simple as searching for the erased clients using the Show Erased Clients filter in the Client EXPLORE. When you have found the particular record, you click the client record and select the Restore Client option.

Anonymizing Erased Clients

Anonymizing Erased Clients

After you erase the client, you may have the right to keep client's medical and diagnostic data. If you want to use this data for further processing, you will need to anonymize the erased client.

When you perform this action, Strato will keep the erased client's financial records and appointments. However, Strato creates an anonymized copy of the client record and transfers the client's medical records to the anonymized client record.

Exporting Client Data

Strato now allows you to provide any client with their data by exporting all the client information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. The system offers you the choice of three export options; you can pick any one or all three to export. The available options are:

  • NHAX data - client's diagnostic data (records from the client's Session History)
  • XML data - client's demographic data and other related data (personal information, appointments, sales, treatment information)
  • Client's files - all the files from the client's Documents tab

New field type for Custom Field

We have now ensured that you can use the Date field type for any custom field in Strato. This new feature means that you can now filter customers by any date, such as visit date, hearing aid replacement date or any other date you may think of to filter your customers.

Ensuring You Can Run Your Business With Ease

We are committed to the further development of Strato to ensure that you have all the tools you need to manage your customers, manage your marketing activities and excel in your business with ease.

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