Cutting down on No-Shows with effective communications

Marketing authorities estimate that the open rate on SMS marketing is 95%. In comparison, email marketing may only deliver a rate between 10 to 45% dependent on the subject line.

SMS provides over twice the open rate on email. Studies and evidence of these claims are not easy to find.

More and more medical professions are using SMS in particular for reminders for appointments.

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Open rates in SMS marketing

However, it would seem at first sight that the open rate for SMS makes sense. If someone sends an SMS to your mobile phone, you will tend to look at it. I think it is a fair assumption that most people would. It would appear that SMS as a delivery tool for your message would ensure that almost everyone you sent a communication to would open it.

Adoption of SMS as a communication channel in clinical situations has become accepted across healthcare. More and more medical professions are using SMS in particular for reminders for appointments.

A 2011 study showed a 39% increase in attendance rate with the use of SMS. One NHS study in the United Kingdom revealed a 40% increase in attendance. In itself that is impressive, anything that increases appointment attendance rate particularly in the public health service is to be celebrated.

Lost time is money

Time is money, and you do not want to waste it waiting on clients that never show up. On the other hand, clients do not want to go through the trouble of rescheduling, if they forget their appointment. SMS communication seems to be a good solution for this problem. However, you need to consider exactly how you would institute this type communication strategy. By that we mean the physical deployment, how are you to manage the database of contacts and send the messages?

The Strato SMS reminder service

The SMS reminder service in Strato will help eliminate time wasted for both your business and your clients. The SMS reminders module is an add-on module which integrates seamlessly with our Strato clinic management solution. You can schedule a mobile text message to be sent up to 10 days before an appointment. You can also choose between sending one or two reminders, and you can customise the messages, choosing between a long and a short message.

You can help your clients remember their appointment by sending them friendly SMS reminders. It not only helps them, but it also helps you to cut down on no-shows in your hearing care clinic. More than that though, when used intelligently, it can help you to manage and customise your customer experience.

The ability to customise your text messages offers you an opportunity to deliver a unique message to the customer. You can use those messages as a small but essential part of your customer experience strategy. What could an SMS campaign look like, what would the text look like and what would it be designed to do?
The design or thought process that goes into your SMS communication plan should be similar to any element of your marketing strategy.

“SMS could be an active element in your overall
customer experience and communication strategy”

As always there are considerations that need to be assessed, however, with the SMS reminder service, we have delivered the tools to give you the ability to undertake this vital part of your communication.

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The SMS reminder service is an add-on feature, which can be ordered separately in addition to your primary Strato license.

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