Strato is easy to understand and to use. The organised workflow and the comprehensive management of clinical information all in one place makes it both convenient and professional. Kerynn Constable

Kerynn Constable Audiology

Kerynn Constable was tired of utilising many different systems to access her data. She needed a client clinical management system that was easy to understand and to use. So she decided to try out Strato.



Kerynn Constable had come to the point where stand-alone databases and Excel spreadsheets and paper journals were no longer sufficient to manage her clinic.

"I needed something that had to be easy to understand and use and that had an organised workflow and a more comprehensive management of clinical information in one place."


To eliminate too many touchpoints and systems and streamline the clinic workflow. To get access to more advanced clinic management functions than what Noah offers. 

Kerynn Constable, KC Audiology


“I needed something that had to be easy to understand and use and that had an organised workflow and a more comprehensive management of clinical information in one place, so that’s really what prompted my decision. It also had to be convenient, so for me it made a lot of sense to be able to access it at the office but also access it at home,” Kerynn Constable explains. 

Kerynn acquired Strato clinic management system and was up and running in no time. “I didn’t feel that there was training required. I felt like I could move around the system and figure it out for myself.” 


When asked about her experience with Strato, Kerynn lists a number of benefits and valuable functions. 

"I value that it records session history and that you can revert to any session at any time. I also value the fact that when you select a particular client, a summary page pertaining to their client data, diagnostics, fitting, verification, appointments and documents is displayed.“ In all, Kerynn is thrilled with her new streamlined clinic workflow.

Enabling the success

The Strato clinic management system is designed to work 'on top of' Noah, thus enhancing both the functionality of Noah and the overall clinic management. Strato clinic management is developed specifically for private audiology clinics of any scale. One of the true benefits of Strato lies in its scalability. The solution is flexible and provides freedom of use by the cloud technology.

KC Audiology

Johannesburg, South Africa

Key challenges:
Too many systems
No integration between systems

Everything in one place
Ease of use
Streamlined clinic
Easy access to data

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What is a cloud-based solution?

Strato is cloud-based clinic management system. This means you have access to all your data from anywhere. The concept is known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), just like  online banking, online booking systems, and other similar services. Instead of installing a large application and database on your computer and having to maintain a local server, you will only install a small piece of client software on your PC. This enables you to log on to Strato from any location with an internet connection and you can access all your data instantly. 

If you need to use Strato offline, there's also a solution for that! See the Strato Offline module.

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Private clinic management systems

Strato is designed to meet the various needs o fany hearign care clinic. It is an easy-to-use practice management system for both audiologists and managers. Learn more about the many way Strato can help you optimise your clinic - whether you have one or multiple.

Solutions for private clinics
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Need new measurement equipment?

Strato is designed to be completely in sync with the Primus Fitting System. The pc-based audiometers and fitting equipment will help you get a seamless workflow at your clinic.