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We believe that we have the most powerful yet easy solution available for truly global retail chains within audiology. We take pride in supplying the best Audiology practice management software and measurement solutions to run the most successful hearing aid businesses around.

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Improved customer journey

Streamline your customer journey and boost the opportunities for your business.

Customer retention and referral are imperative to business success. Our solutions help you to integrate the clinical and commercial workflows of your business tightly. Our systems provide you with the opportunity to design the customer journey that makes sense to you.

Making it easy to provide a personalised customer journey, reducing your customer churn, minimizing your acquisition costs and gaining a much healthier business.

Worry-free operations

We have the most secure and accessible cloud service in the world. With multiple redundancy and strict security, you can rest assured that your information stays safe with us.

Onboarding is easy

You can optimize your onboarding process of staff with an incredibly easy and user-friendly deployment. Remove your worries with a design that has no moving parts and is entirely operated in software.

Low cost of adoption

Lower your cost of ownership with a simple plug’n’play solution that requires no service and eliminates downtime.

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Better insights

Understanding what is happening in your business is imperative to success. Our flexible reporting lets you analyse your entire business in real-time, so you can make smarter faster decisions.

You can access commercial KPIs dashboards in real-time, directly from within the application. Analyse your measurement data and gain insights into your clinical performance and regulatory compliance. Manage your assets in one real-time system and greatly increase its overall utilisation.

Future-proof technology

Designed with professionals to meet the needs of the audiology industry – now and in the future.

Your audiology equipment needs to meet your requirements for many years to come. As the provision of audiology services changes, you need to be ready to meet new parameters.

Our software-based solution ensures that you are always updated with the latest features, designed to meet all relevant industry standards. Measurement solutions that are modularly designed give you the option of buying only what you need – today and tomorrow.


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