No initial investment

Easy adoption, with no initial investment

Our Practice Management Systems are hugely powerful and intuitive and easy to use. We have designed the systems with a user interface that is immediately familiar. If you have used Microsoft products or web-based browsers in the past, our interfaces should be almost self-explanatory. That adds up to both smooth and lower cost of adoption because of the reduction in training time and resources.

Strengthening your marketing

Campaign management

Well planned communications are as much a part of good customer experience as physical touch-points.  Communicationof value to the customer is crucial – contacts without perceived value are merely an annoyance. The introduction and understanding of a designed customer journey allow you to deliver communications that are understood to have real value for your customers.

Customer journey

A defined customer journey and communication strategy will allow you to maintain your customer engagement and keep you always on their minds.

Our practice management systems canhelp you to define that patient journey and design and undertake your communications. Finally, they can help you to manage your marketing campaigns with ease.

Customer database

Use your data for marketing
With in-depth filter and search features and the ability to set up custom database fields,you can use your data to reach out to your clients pro-actively. We have designed the custom data field so that they can be used to further segment your databasein a way that makes sense to your business.

Using clinical data for more in-depth marketing opportunities
Our practice management systems ensure that all Noah data across your organisation is storedwithin one central customer database. The deep Noah integration gives you complete freedom to filter and search on Noah data across your organisation. It will allow you to searchand filter client data like hearing losses and hearing aids worn for the first time from a central database, enabling more intelligent communications.

Document handling

Our practice management systems will allow you to handle all of your direct marketing whether it is mailing or digital. When you want to send letters with information to your clients, ourpractice management systems will help you manage your document templates for different purposes. You can save document templates in any MS Office format to have them at hand when needed.

A range of document templates come included with our systems, but you can also create your own – completely customised with your logo, images or anything you find necessary.

Customer retention

Driving customer loyalty
In its purest form, patient retention boils down to making your customer so happy with you and your service, that they will never go anywhere else. They will consistently return to acquire your services over their lifetime.

With the earlieradoption of hearing aids, that means the lifetime of a customer has increased. While once we may have expected a customer to purchase hearing aids perhaps twice from a business, that may riseto possibly four or five times during their lifetime. How are you to ensure that they make those purchases from you?

Achieving client retention
Client retention and customer referral do not happen by accident. No matter how well you look after your customers, you still need to ensure there are comprehensive and all-encompassing strategies in place in your business to encourage them to come back. Those strategies should be designed to make your patient ecstatic about their treatment.

With this in mind, you need to take every opportunity and indeed make opportunities, to shape a patient’s perception of your practice. To do so, you need a reliable practice management system. Our systems allow you to focus your services to the individual needs of each customer through a powerful360-degree overview and to quickly and easily drive those strategies for best effect.

Using your customer database
Once you have set your strategy, the powerful database within our practice management systems will allow you to segment and target your leads according to your specific marketing message. You can run either printed or digital marketing campaigns directly from within the systems. You can also precisely track the effects of each marketing campaign.

Delivering operational efficiency integration with Noah

Appointment calendar and management

The calendar feature in our practice management systems provides a complete overview of the appointments across your outlets and employees. Editing and managing bookings should be the least of your worries. With a simple drag and drop feature, it could not be easier to change appointment dates and times. A simple right click and you have full access to change all the details, such as location, resource, status, type and more.

Secure your appointments with automated back-up

Your organisation should be able to rely on schedules being up-to-date and backed-up for smooth business operation. With our practice management systems , if anything should happen to a branch-based computer or laptop, you simply plug in a new one and log in.

Using a cloud-based practice management system provides reassuring security for all your data including your schedules. It is all safely stored in the cloud, and you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Invoicing and payments

Our practice management systems allow you to work intelligently by handling all your administrative tasks – including invoicing – in one single system. They also allow you to filter patients using relevant invoice data, so the information can be a part of your communication strategy.

Streamlining your invoicing
Whether you handle all your invoicing manually or you are using an invoicing system, it is a lot easier for you to manage your invoicing in the same system, which you use to handle all your other administrative tasks.

Design your own invoicing templates
Our well-designed invoicing modules take care of one of the core functions of your hearing clinics. You can customise invoices for clients or third-party payers or use the predefined templates if you wish. Add your logo, change the font or the colour to create your unique invoice template.

Stock management

Inventory management
With a fully integrated stock handling module, you can truly benefit from all the features and possibilities in our practice management systems. Our solutions can help administrate your entire stock from batteries to hearing aids and accessories.

The inventory management module is designed to give you full visibility of your stock, even across multiple outlets. It means that you can find what you need when you need it.

Keep track of consignment stock
When you handle large consignment stock, it can be challenging to keep track of the status of hearing aids. With the inventory management module, you no longer have to flip through several lists or spreadsheets to find out, if the hearing aid you are looking for is out on loan, in stock, or sold.

With proper automated stock handling, all you have to do is a quick search, and you will know for sure. When analysed over time the data collected can help you increase your revenue by lowering handling costs and improving cash flows.

Export stock data
If you need to export the data for some reason, the inventory management module can easily export to MS Excel or CSV.

Service and repair

Our service and repair module allow you to handle all of your service and repair orders with ease. It keeps track of repair orders and repair facilities, giving you complete visibility over costs and more importantly the status of all repair orders.

Aurora mobile app

With our Aurora mobile app, you can bring your schedule with you wherever you go. Aurora mobile app provides a real-time view of your appointment schedule without the need to sync your mobile device. View appointments for your entire staff from one easy to use intuitive interface.

Our Aurora mobile app will work on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can view appointments by month or by day; youcan seecomplete appointment details and easily view schedules for multiplestaff.

feature sms reminder mobile in hand

Audiometry made easy

When you conduct hearing tests or fit hearing aids, you have a wide range of options helping you get the most accurate result. Let us help you find the right solution.

Reliability is essential
you only need to do a quick screening or a more extensive consultation with speech audiometry, pure tone audiometry and fitting, it is essential you can rely on professional equipment.

Portable audiometry equipment
For the utmost flexibility, keep your equipment compact and lightweight. With pc-based or wireless audiometers, you free yourself from carrying too many and too heavy devices. We offer you solutions that are suitable for both clinic use and frequent fieldwork. See all our audiometers.

Noah compatibility
All Auditdata equipment complies with the audiology industry standard Noah. Whether you use our clinic management systems or fitting equipment, Noah is at the very core.

Keeping it simple with screening audiometers
When you only need to do a quick screening or maybe conduct air, bone and speech testing on the go, simple, portable audiometers will ease your tasks. We provide solutions from basic stand-alone audiometers and wireless diagnostic audiometers to full scale diagnostic pc-based diagnostic audiometers.

SMS reminder service

Optimise your scheduled appointments by combining your calendar with an automated mobile text reminder system; the result will be fewer missed appointments. It is an undeniable fact that people forget appointments and the result is an empty chair in your consultation room. An efficient way of reducing the number of no-shows is sending a polite mobile text reminder to your client.

Give ample time to reschedule appointments
By reminding your client of the appointment, you provide an opportunity for your client to reschedule if they need to. You will also have time to reschedule, so you can avoid too many idle hours due to missed appointments.

Automated text appointment reminders
The service is completely automated and can be customised to send one or two reminders with the wording that you choose.

Gain better commercial insights

Delivering insight for continuous business improvement

Optimising your business is about spending your time wisely. You most likely prefer to spend your valuable time with clients and not on administration. If so – let an innovative practice management system handle your administrative tasks for you.

Free time to do audiology work

Handling stock, invoices, appointments and cancellations is also a part of the daily life at an audiology clinic. With an all-in-one system, you only need to work in one interface to handle all your office work. As a result, you get more time to spend with patients and you reduce the risk of making errors while moving around data.

Choose a solution that will grow with you
The scalability of a cloud-based software allows for great flexibility when handling one or more clinics. As your business expands, your solution will continue to provide you with valuable insight.

Get detailed information on the clinic’s performance

In our practice management systems, you will have ample opportunities to analyse and optimise your audiology business – whether you run one or multiple shops. You can filter data by different criteria allowing you to monitor and optimise not just one but several clinics. See your business as a whole or focus on one clinic, one audiologist or even one specific hearing aid. For further number crunching and reporting, you can export data to MS Excel and MS Word.

Find your clinic’s weaknesses and strengths
The beauty of exploring the data about your clinic’s performance is evident when all you have to do is click and filter. You do not need to manually compare endless sets of data if you want to find out how many appointments it takes on average to sell a hearing aid. Use the data intelligently to enhance what you do well and to improve what you could do better to optimise your business.

Clinical analysis with Primus

Combining your practise management system data with Primus business Analytics provides a wealth of information to support both the best possible customer journey and the optimisation of your conversion rates. It offers hard data on best practice protocols and the actual effect they have on your KPIs.

Primus Business Analytics provides:

  • Detailed insight into actual audiological processes
  • Documents process compliance
  • Supports quality assurance
  • Helps to identify best practice
  • Provides updated data for process improvement and sound business decisions
  • Helps you monitor the effects of procedures on KPIs
  • Helps you identify training needs
  • Offers customised reports as a service

Designed for retail chains

Delivering complete understanding
Whether you run one hearing aid centre or a thousand, the key to success is the management of your business and your customers. Unless you can understand what is going on in your business, you cannot manage it for success.

At Auditdata, we have designed low-cost, in-depth practice management systems that are easy to use and can handle all your administrative and clinical tasks. The systems allow you to streamline your business processes with easy-to-use, intuitive features that will enable the handling of daily tasks with ease.

Seamless Noah integration
You can use any Noah compatible fitting equipment and save your audiology data inour systems seamlessly. We have designed them specificallyto integrate with Noah in an in-depth manner. We are proud to say that we offer the best Noah integrated systems around.

Running your business from one place
Our practice management systems provide all the tools you need to run your hearingcare practice from one place. With our systems, you can keep all your data in one system, making it convenient and fast to take care of business.

Cloud hosting

Your data security, storage, and backup should be the least of your worries. As the backbone of your business, you expect your practice management system to work – always. If you chose a cloud-based solution, itwill. Furthermore, you will be able to access all data from anywhere. We have designed powerful cloud-basedsystems thatare tailoredfor private hearing care clinics and their needs.

Keep your data safe in the cloud
Your client data is stored securely in your own, protected cloud server. Youno longer have to invest in on-site software, server maintenance or worry about backup – your data is always 100% updated.

Access your data from anywhere
As long as you have an internetconnection, you can access yourdata from anywhere. However, even if you have no mobile or internet connection, it is still possible to useour practice management systems, andyou won’t have to update anything when you are back online manually.

No hidden costs
You do not have to worry about initial investments, costly support or hidden fees. When you chose a SaaS solution like our practice management system, the fixed monthly price covers all running costs.

If at any time you wish to upgrade your system with advanced modules, these will run on the same principle. Implementation, support and maintenance aretaken care of, all you need to do is get on with your business.

Software integration

Since 1992 Auditdata has been providing cutting-edgesoftware solutions for audiology. We have become masters of integration of systems. We have designed our practice management systems withintegrationin mind.

If you need your practice management system to integrate with existingback-officeERP, accounting or CRM systems, we can make it happen.

Tailored to meet your business needs

Advanced customisation
We design our practice management systems with advanced personalisation in mind. The systems offer customisation across the userinterface and process management. More than that, the modular nature of our systems ensures that you can choose just the modules you need, ensuring that you get the system that you need out of the box. We also offer the ability to design a deeper level of customisation if you require it.

Complete integration with Noah

If you are an audiologist or dispenser considering the purchase of a practice management system, Noah-compatibility should be on the top of your feature-list. Our solutions are fully integrated with Noah and builds on the features you find in Noah.

A system that is designed to integrate with Noah
You want to make sure, you can work according to business standards. By choosing a system that has been designed to integrate with Noah, you avoid manually entering or moving data from one system to another. In our solution you simply import your Noah data and work in one system.

Easy integration with Noah
We have made Noah a full practice management system with access to modules such as stock and invoice, SMS reminders and marketing. Our solutions offer an integrated system to run every facet of your business.

This video will show you just how easy it is to integrate with Noah.

Rest assured, ISO27001 Certification means your data is secure

The Auditdata ISMS (Information Security Management System) is certifiedin accordance withISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is a broad international information security standard. It means you can stop worrying about IT issues like data security, storage, and data backup. It is all included inourpractice management systems, andwe are committed to keeping your data secure, which ourISO 27001 certificate proves.

Easy onboarding

With seamlessintegration to NOAH4, auser-friendlyback-officeadministration with powerful control over data, users and workflows, our systems provide a short learning curve. Combine all of that with straightforwarddata migration from legacy systems, and you have truly easy onboarding.

Easy trial

We offer our Practice Management Systems asa free thirty-day trial and Noah data is easily imported and exported if you want to test with live data. If you then decide to purchase our solution, you merely sign up and start paying your monthly fee. You do not need to start over.

All the data and workflows that you have created in your 30-day trial period will continue to work.

All inclusive price

When you purchase one of our practice management systems,you justsign up, install the software, and start paying your monthly fee.

You do not need to buy extra hardware or additional server space. Since our systems are cloud-based solutions, you simplylog on, and you are ready to go. All your data is safely stored in the cloud – accessible to you from anywhere. If you need to work offline, the systems will support this too.

Support hotline

Email and phone support is included when you buy one of our practice management systems, although most of our customers rarely need it as the software is so intuitive – equally easy to set up and start to use.

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. Further, we are experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals. Check out some of our other solutions below.

Primus – a complete fitting solution

Are you a hearing care specialist looking for a combined audiometer and fitting solution that is portable, easy-to-use and competitively priced? Then Primus is your solution.

Business Analytics

Primus Business Analytics offers detailed insight into your audiology and fitting processes.

All you need to know. You are in safe hands.
Compliance and security