Security and compliance

Security and compliance

The quality, privacy, and security of our products, services and data is one of our top concerns. We strive to take a market leading role when it comes to quality, security, privacy, and compliance practices.

Last updated: October 2017

We honour your trust

If you are an Auditdata customer, you have engaged with us expecting to get high value from your investment.  The value we supply includes the non-functional quality requirements such as availability, usability, safety, privacy, security, legal and regulatory compliance.

In other words, you - and your data - are in safe hands.

Our virtual trust center

For more information on our legal agreements, please see Auditdata Legal Information.


The information presented here is current as of the "last updated" date at top but is subject to change without notice. We encourage you to review the information periodically to be informed of new security, privacy, and compliance developments.