Significant benefits when using Primus

An Audigy Group report on Primus usage of more than 120 Fitting Systems reveals impressive results. Reduced return rates and increased customer satisfaction shows significantly on the bottom-line.

Audigy Group is one of Auditdata’s larger clients in the US with more than 780 members and well over 1200 shops. Audigy Group uses the Auditdata Primus Fitting System under the name AGX Real Ear System. Recently, Audigy Group conducted a performance review among its members to document potential benefits from using Primus, i.e. AGX Real Ear System. More than 120 Fitting Systems were a part of the performance review.

Remarkable increases in net revenue

The survey found the average hearing aid return rate had dropped to 4.8% from 6.1% within the first year. Financially, it meant the average net revenue had increased correspondingly from $10,000 for a $500k+ business all the way up to $60,000 for a $1M+ business.

Better speech mapping means better fitting, and fewer returns

This sizeable reduction of the return rate was attributed to using the speech-mapping module. The pre-set tests used were arranged to measure noise reduction and speech in noise, as well as using speech mapping to show directionality and other advanced hearing aid features.

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Greater patient satisfaction

As a result, patients were more satisfied with their hearing aid fitting as the audiologists were able to show them what sounds they could hear.

The use of speech mapping as a counselling tool in order to increase hearing aid satisfaction and successful sales experiences is well documented.

Source: Audigy Group

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