Solutions for hospitals

Solutions for hospitals

If you are working at a hospital hearing clinic, you need a comprehensive, tailor-made clinic management system to efficiently handle your daily tasks. You need AuditBase.

The preferred hospital clinic management system

AuditBase is a tailor-made clinic management software for the optimisation of patient treatment in public sector audiology.

AuditBase is a standard in Northern Europe

AuditBase is a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that will manage your daily clinic tasks efficiently and improve the patient-flow through the clinic. Designed to integrate all audiology disciplines in one system for maximum flexibility and resource management, AuditBase now ease the daily tasks for more than 4500 users in more than 500 hospital audiology clinics in primarily Northern Europe. 

Created in 1992, AuditBase now encompasses a comprehensive list of features and modules, and the solution continues to evolve and grow. It has been proven and developed in close collaboration with working hearing care professionals that we continue to rely on for input as AuditBase evolves. Today, AuditBase is the leading audiology clinic management system with more than 80% market share in the UK and Scandinavia. 

System architecture

The AuditBase system is built on a central database to which all data are stored. This way, client records, journals, and other administrative information are stored in one place and can be retrieved from any AuditBase network workstation for accurate and efficient handling.

Modular flexibility and advanced features

Besides the many modules in AuditBase, you get advanced features such as vestibular measurements and tympanometry data with display of reflexes, tracking of lost referrals and journals, advanced statistics, marking of recycled hearing instruments, and much more.

Optional modules such as graphical Speech Audiometry, the AuditBase Viewer application (specifically for ENT departments), Invoice Reporting server, an Auditory Implant module, an Otology Surgery module and Location Handling are also available. 

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Besides being experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals, Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. See some of our other products here.

Private clinic management

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Are you looking for a clinic management solution for your private hearing care clinic? Strato supports one or multiple clinics in one system. Stock handling and invoicing as well.

Solutions for private clinics

Full flexibility in fitting

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Set new standards by using our Primus Fitting System for audiometry measurement, mapping and testing. Primus is plug and play. It’s intuitive and requires no training.


Measurement solutions

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At Auditdata, we can also provide you with an extensive range of fitting and measurement solutions.

Measurement solutions
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About security and compliance

You want to know your data is in safe hands and protected. Rest assured, we keep the highest standards regarding data protection, security, and compliance. Learn more in our trust center 'Security and compliance'.

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