Whether you use one or more audiometer brands, AuditBase can integrate to all of them.

Integrated fitting 

In AuditBase, you can integrate to any Noah compatible fitting equipment of your choice. Easy and seamlessly. 

Seamless integration with fitting equipment 

Being able to integrate your fitting equipment with your clinic management system is important to make your work flow seamlessly. The audiometry module in AuditBase provides integration to the standard measurement equipment on the market. 

One-click access to fitting modules 

With one click, you access the fitting modules and perform your fitting as normal in those modules. The data is then seamlessly stored in AuditBase. 

Primus Fiting System - completely integrated measurement panel 

If you want to avoid having to even open a measurement module, you need the Primus Fitting System. With this fitting equipment, you only have to open a measurement panel directly in AuditBase and carry out your measurements from there. You will have complete integration with your measurement equipment and save time in the process. 

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If you are still not certain about how a clinic management system like AuditBase can help you streamline your clinic - whether it entails one or multiple clinics - you can find out more about AuditBase here.

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