Choose the modules you need and customise AuditBase to your preference.

Modular flexibility

Audiology clinics are not the same, so neither are their needs for a clinic management system. Since AuditBase is divided into modules with different specialties, you can put together your system depending on your needs.


As our customer range has grown, so has AuditBase. We continuously strive to cater for all our customers' needs in AuditBase and we now have more than 25 modules to chose from in AuditBase. That means, depending on your needs, you can build the system that works best for you.

Flexible patient treatment 

You want to provide your patients with the best possible care. Sometimes, that means being able to cater for all their differences. All of the modules in AuditBase are developed to support you in giving the patient the best possible treatment. Register everything you need to know about the patient in the Client information, Journal, Individual Management Plan and Paediatric modules. 

Audiology specialities 

When it comes to registering specific audiology data, AuditBase is the expert. You can work with advanced audiogram data, tympanometry, ABR/OAE results, graphical speech and so much more. 

Module features

Want to get into the nitty gritty details of each module in AuditBase?

Please visit our AuditBase product pages.


If you want to know more about what AuditBase has to offer, you can download the full AuditBase brochure.

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Keeping track of patients 

If you need advanced functions to administer waiting lists and referrals, you can get that in AuditBase. The Booking module will give you the overview you need for multiple resources and clinics. As an add-on, you can use the SMS service to remind your patients about appointments - a service both you and your patients can benefit from. Dayview and Check-in are modules that will help you keep the overview of patients during the day. 

And so the list goes on... 

Want functions that can help keep track of your inventory? AuditBase has them. Want help with research and surveys? AuditBase can. Want a simpler way of handling internal tasks? AuditBase got it. Want to connect with other departments, otology surgery, cochlear implants or others? In AuditBase, you can. And so the list goes on! 

For the full list of modules, check out the AuditBase software overview.

Complete solutions for hearing care professionals

Besides being experts in audiology clinic management for both private clinics and hospitals, Auditdata offers a series of audiometers and fitting products. See some of our other products here.


Ultra light portable and wireless audiometer

The OTOPod audiometer is lightweight and can be carried around your neck. Supports both air, bone, and speech testing.

ENTOMED logo.png

Classic stand-alone audiometer

WIth the Entomed SA203 you get a familiar, traditional diagnostic audiometer for hearing tests.

Entomed SA203
Primus logo.png

Go Pro with your fitting solution

The new Primus Pro is remarkably versatile as a combined audiometer and fitting solution.

Primus PRO