Improve the patient flow with an integrated, easy-to-use solution designed for hospital audiology clinics.

Patient flow optimisation

Do you often feel like your audiology clinic is run by waiting lists? AuditBase is designed specifically to optimise the patient flow in audiology clinics, thus keeping down the waiting lists and giving you more time to spend with patients.

Streamline your workflow

As an audiologist working in public sector audiology, you most likely have many patients to see every day. So every minute counts as you go about your daily tasks. You need a clinic management solution that streamlines your workflow and seamlessly handles the patient flow. That is what AuditBase does.

Easy patient administration

Patients are easily administered in AuditBase. Client information is found by simply searching on a patient identifier number, surname or any other criteria such as age, date of birth and so on. You can record extended demographics and any other specialist information relevant to the patient.

Fast access to data

All your data is stored in a central database, so you and your colleagues always have access to the same data. Your data can be transferred to laptops, if needed, and then synchronised back to the main database later. That comes in handy, if you do home visits. You can also export your data to other systems.

Seamless integration with other hospital systems

By linking to other departments at the hospital, you can ensure the full overview of the patient’s journey and not just be aware of appointments etc. taking place in the audiology clinic. The patient’s data becomes transparent and you will be able to see the full history across hospital departments.

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Customised to your needs

No audiology clinic has the same work procedures. AuditBase comes with an extensive administration tool that helps you customise the system to your needs. Users are organised into roles according to their function and you can quickly configure each role to include the correct rights and setups. Each module has configurable settings either per workstation or per location, so users can only access what they need to depending on their rights.

Convenient navigation

We have made it easy for you to navigate the system. The navigation pane in AuditBase is completely configurable to your needs, so users only see what they need to. The configuration can be done per user, role or location. You can also add favourite modules to the top of the pane and hide the navigation pane when it is not needed.

Want to know more? 

If you are still not certain about how a clinic management system like AuditBase can help you streamline your clinic - whether it entails one or multiple clinics - you can find out more about AuditBase here. If you are more interested in the technical specifications, please check out our AuditBase product pages

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