Solutions for private clinics

Solutions for private clinics

Whether you are a single-shop owner or you run multiple shops, you most likely prefer not to waste precious time that could be spent elsewhere. If you let an intelligent system like Strato streamline your workflow, you will have more time to take good care of your clients.

Office Management in Private Practices 

Handle all your clinical and administrative tasks in one system and save precious time. The Strato clinic management system is completely integrated with Noah and works with any diagnostic instrument.

Easy and flexible document handling

With an office management system designed for audiology use, you will get the helping hand you need.

You can streamline your workflow in one single system handling all your documents – both measurement data, reports and invoices. Naturally, you can import and export documents all you want.

Spending less time on administration and more time with your clients can be what you need to grow your business.

Keep your appointments secure and up-to-date

Since youre oblicated to store sensitive patient information in a secure way, your Outlook or Google calendar is not the right place to do so. Keep track of your appointments by using a proper Sheduler that complies with data protection standards, and synchronise with your Google calendar for your convenience.

Minimise no-shows with automated mobile texts 

You can reduce the frustrations of missed appointments by a simple service: text messages (SMS). An easy and customisable feature in Strato clinic management system enables automated mobile text messages, which increases the turn-up rate. 

Book and manage appointments

The scheduler in Strato makes it easy for you to manage your appointments. You have a great overview of your day by use of icons and colour coding of appointments. Strato clinic management lets you tailor many functions and appearance to support your way of working.                         

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Strato is easy to understand and to use

The organised workflow and the comprehensive management of clinical information all in one place makes it both convenient and professional. Kerynn Constable, KC Audiology, South Africa

Easy practice management

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Save precious time and consolidate your clinic management with Strato. It's easy to use. It's affordable. And it can be used in audiology clinics of all sizes.

Strato clinic management

Full flexibility in fitting

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Set new standards by using our Primus Fitting System for audiometry measurement, speech mapping and hearing aid testing. Primus is plug and play and easy to use.

Primus fitting solutions

Tailored for hospitals

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For hospitals and public clinics, AuditBase is the right choice. Designed to be integrated with hospital systems, AuditBase streamlines all administration and clinic tasks.

AuditBase clinic management
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Learn about our security & compliance

You want to know your data is in safe hands and protected. Rest assured we keep the highest standards regarding data protection, security, and compliance. Learn more in our Trust center 'Security and compliance'.

Security and compliance