You optimise your business in detail by using the Strato EXPLORE module.

Business optimisation

Optimising your business is about spending your time wisely. You most likely prefer to spend your valuable time with clients and not on administration. If so – let an innovative clinic management system handle your administrative tasks for you.

Free time to do audiology work

Handling stock, invoices, appointments and cancellations is also a part of the daily life at an audiology clinic. With an all-in-one clinic management system, you only need to work in one interface to handle all your office work. As a result, you get more time to spend with patients and you reduce the risk of making errors while moving around data.

Spend your time with clients and not on administrative tasks.

Choose a solution that will grow with you

The scalability of the cloud-based Strato system allows for great flexibility when handling one or more clinics. As your business expands, your solution will continue to provide you with valuable insight.

The Strato EXPLORE module provides detailed insight into your business.

See your business as a whole or focus on one clinic, one audiologist or even one specific hearing aid.

Get detailed information on the clinic’s performance

In Strato clinic management system the EXPLORE module will provide you with ample opportunities to analyse and optimise your audiology business – whether you run one or multiple shops.

You can filter data by different criteria allowing you to monitor and optimise not just one but several clinics. For further number crunching and reporting, you can export data to MS Excel and MS Word.

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Find your clinic’s weaknesses and strengths

The beauty of exploring the data about your clinic’s performance is evident when all you have to do is click and filter.

You do not need to manually compare endless sets of data if you want to find out how many appointments it takes on average to sell a hearing aid.

Use the data intelligently to enhance what you do well and to improve what you could do better.

You optimise your business in details by using the Strato EXPLORE module.

Read more about the Strato EXPLORE module on our product pages.

Want to know more?

At Auditdata, we offer you a series of software and hardware products with a great variety of features developed together with working hearing care professionals. If you represent one or more private clinics you may want to read more about our software solution Strato or our diagnostic and fitting systems. Here is your chance. 

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Easy clinic management with Strato

Save precious time and consolidate your office management. Our software for clinic management is not only easy to use. It's affordable. And can be used by audiology clinics of all sizes.

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Diagnostic and fitting systems

Make use of one of the most visionary audiometers and fitting systems on the market. Our Primus fitting system is everything you need within audiometry, real ear measurement, speech mapping and hearing instrument testing.