Today, Noah has become an audiology software standard and at Auditdata, we are experts in supporting Noah.

Noah patient record integration

If you are an audiologist or dispenser considering the purchase of an office management system (OMS), Noah-compatibility should be on the top of your feature-list. Strato is fully integrated with Noah and builds on the features you find in Noah.

Strato is designed to integrate with Noah

You want to make sure, you are able to work according to business standards. By choosing a system that has been designed to integrate with Noah, you avoid manually entering or moving data from one system to another. In Strato you simply import you Noah data and work in one system.

Easy integration with Noah

This video will show you just how easy it is to integrate with Noah in Strato.

Do you not have your Noah license yet?

Strato takes full advantage of the open Noah software standard from HIMSA and thus needs a Noah license to run.

As a HIMSA member, we are an authorised Noah distributor and with our many years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to sell and support the Noah software. In case you do not have Noah installed on your computer(s), please contact us to purchase a Noah license.

Send a request to purchase Noah here.

Want to know more?

At Auditdata, we offer you a series of software and hardware solutions. Our products are developed together with working hearing care professionals and focus on features that all support and enhance fundamental and vital parts of your business.

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What is HIMSA?

HIMSA (The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers' Software Association) is a Danish organisation founded in 1993.

HIMSA's objective is to develop, market and support Noah as a standard for integrated hearing care software.

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Diagnostic and fitting systems

Make use of one of the most visionary audiometers and fitting systems on the market. Our Primus fitting system is everything you need within audiometry, real ear measurement, speech mapping and hearing instrument testing.


Ultra light, wireless audiometer

Eliminate the risk of fatal errors by managing multiple systems with no synchronisation or integration. AuditBase is a proven clinic management solution designed for audiology clinics at hospitals.