Handle your invoicing, stock, appointments and measurements in one single system. No hassle.

Integrated invoicing

Work intelligently by handling all your administrative tasks – including invoicing – in one single system.

Streamlining your invoicing

Whether you handle all your invoicing manually or you are using an invoicing system, it is a lot easier for you to handle your invoicing in the same system, which you use to handle all your other administrative tasks.  

Design your own invoicing templates

Designed as an add-on module to the Strato clinic management system, the Invoicing module takes care of one of the core functions of your hearing clinic.

You can customise invoices for clients or third-party payers or use the predefined templates, if you wish. Add your logo, change the font or the colour to create your own unique invoice template.

Everything becomes more efficient...

... because Strato ties everything together and provides an efficient overview. In the end, it means higher productivity." Susanne Palsbo, Hørebilen, Denmark

Use your invoices for relevant information

Your invoices are much more than a buyer’s receipt. Supply the necessary information such as warranty and payment conditions with relevant service announcement. You might want to offer your client hearing aid service or refitting. It’s all up to you. And it is all within the Strato clinic management system.  

Integrated fitting and audiometry

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Do you want Strato to be completely integrated with your audiometer? Then you need the Primus Fitting System.


Portable audiometers


Portable audiometers come in all sizes. Check out our portable audiometers from Otovation, Entomed and Auditdata Primus.


Meet us around the world

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We attend seminars, exhibitions and summits around the world. If you want to know where we will be next, check out our events here.