Managing appointments should be easy and fast - just like it is in Strato.

Managing appointments

Get a great overview of your day - and your colleagues' as well. The Strato Scheduler lets you see your colleagues' and other clinics' calendars. If you want, you can synchronise it with your Google calendar.

Secure your appointments with automated back-up

You should be able to rely on your calendar to be up-to-date and backed-up for smooth business operation. If anything should happen to your computer, it should not prevent you from picking up where you left off by plugging in a new computer.

Using a cloud-based clinic management system like Strato provides a reassuring security of all your data – it is all safely stored in the cloud and you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

View your calendar on your phone or tablet. If you prefer to use your mobile phone or tablet to keep track of your appointments, your calendar can be synchronised with a Google Calendar for your convenience. Rest assured, your data is still accessible should you lose your phone or tablet.

Keep sensitive information safe

You do not risk data infringements when handling sensitive personal information like social security numbers or phone numbers in your calendar. Data stored in Strato adheres to relevant privacy and security standards.

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Avoid no-shows with automated text messages

Optimise your scheduled appointments by combining your calendar with an automated mobile text reminder module. The result is fewer missed appointments.

SMS reminder service
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Get the most out of your fitting sessions

The pc-based Primus Fitting System offers great flexibility and scalability. Take full advantage of the all-in-one solution and enjoy the ease of use.

Fitting System