At a low cost, you get an advanced practice management system that doesn't require any initial investment.

No initial investment

One of the ways you can balance your finances is to avoid unexpected costs or large investments. Still, you need your business to grow. We help you streamline your clinic with an innovative office management. You only pay a low monthly fee. All included.

Cloud-based services provide advanced features at low cost

When you choose a cloud-based practice management system like Strato you get value for money. Your storage space, server maintenance, and data protection is taken care of, since everything is an inherent service in the Strato clinic management solution. You do not have to invest in any of these services, as you have to with other local server-based practice management systems.

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It’s highly manageable...

and its performance and the functions of it, how versatile it is, suited our needs. We chose Strato because of its affordable price and because it's more seamless, smoother and faster." Waheed Yousef, South Doc Service/Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Support included

Email/online support is included when you buy Strato, but most of our customers rarely need it as Strato is so intuitive.

Low monthly fee

You free yourself from any unexpected cost regarding server maintenance, IT-support or software upgrades. It is all included in the low monthly fee. You can buy the Strato clinic management system basic and if you need to, you can add additional features.

Try before you buy

We want you to try Strato clinic management system before you buy it. It’s free. Get a sense of how easy it is to use in your own pace. When you are ready to go, let us know

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Streamline your business with easy-to-use intuitive features, one clinic management system for everything.

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