Automated mobile text messages show great wins for both you and your clients.

SMS reminder service

Avoid no-shows by sending automated friendly SMS reminders to your clients prior to their appointment.

Improve your patient turn-up rate

It is an undeniable fact that people forget appointments. Not necessarily on purpose but the result is the same – an empty chair in your consultation room. One very efficient way of reducing the number of no-shows is sending a polite mobile text reminder to your client.

Give ample time to reschedule appointments

By reminding your client of the appointment, you provide an opportunity for your client to reschedule in due time. You will also have time to reschedule, so you avoid too many idle hours due to missed appointments.  

This extended service is a welcoming gesture to your clients, who then are less likely to forget your appointment.

Automated text appointment reminders

You do not need to write or send the SMS reminders manually – the service is automated and can be customised to send one or two reminders with different wording. 

Want to know more? 

At Auditdata, we offer you a series of software and hardware solutions. Our products are developed together with working hearing care professionals and focus on features that all support and enhance fundamental and vital parts of your business. 

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Clinic management software

Save precious time and consolidate your clinic management. Our office management software for private audiology clinics is easy to use. it's also affordable and can be used by audiology clinics of all sizes.

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OMS for public hearing clinics

Designed specifically to hearing clinics at hospitals, AuditBase provides a full scale office management with customisable features.