Essential features and modules enables a seamless experience in your workflow with less time spent on administration and more time on patients.

Strato software overview

Developed specifically for for hearing care practices like yours, Strato has been designed with the aim to make audiology software as easy to use as possible.  

Free your time

All hearing care practices are different, however, almost all hearing care professionals share one wish: to spend their time with clients and not on administration.

Strato meets this need with intuitive and straightforward features developed in close collaboration with working hearing care professionals. 

Here are some of the main features in Strato:

Explore your data

With the EXPLORE module in Strato, you have access to all your data, presented the way you want it for analysis, reporting and marketing purposes. This is an extremely useful tool to optimize your business.

You can filter your data with advanced criteria, such as fitting data, hearing loss, last fitting date, appointment types and more, and you can save the filtered data in lists for exporting or analysis.

Easy global search  

Search for anything from anywhere in Strato. The global search function is accessible from all main windows in Strato and gives you all your data at your fingertips. Search for a hearing aid number, a patient's name, a social security number, a specific date, a phone number etc.


The scheduler in Strato makes it easy for you to manage your appointments and tasks. You have a great overview of your day by use of icons and colour coding of appointments. Besides your own schedule, you can see appointments for other clinics and your colleagues.

Google Calendar integration 

Synchronize your Google Calendar with the Strato Scheduler, so you can check your appointments from any internet connected device e.g. your mobile phone or tablet. That is easy management of your practice. 

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Document handling  

In Strato, you have full integration with the MS Office toolbox. Statistics, documents and reports are easily exported to Excel or Word for further handling outside of Strato using either the ready-to-use templates from Strato or your own customized templates.

Fast and easy audiometry 

With the click of a button, you can open your Noah-compatible audiometry modules directly from Strato. Measurements are automatically saved in Strato for further handling.

Offline mode

Strato is designed to work with an internet connection, but we know that you might find yourself in areas with little or no internet connection. So we have made sure that Strato can run in an offline mode, when that happens.

Add-on modules to your basic Strato license:

SMS appointment reminders

If you want to cut down on the amount of people that forget their appointment with you, you should add the SMS module to Strato. With it, you can send friendly SMS reminders to your clients and reduce the number of no-shows. 

Stock handling

You can enhance your Strato clinic management system by adding on a Stock handling module. With this clever feature, you will have your inventory handling fully integrated with Strato.

This will give you a perfect overview of both stock and consignment stock. The Strato Stock module can also provide you with rich data you can use to optimise your business. 


Improve your patient administration with the add-on Invoicing module. It is intelligently built to suit your needs for standard templates, which you can alter yourself.

Module details

Want to get into the details of each module in Strato?

Please visit the Strato product pages.

Add your logo, payment methods, relevant messages and let the Invoice module do its magic inside Strato.

The Invoicing module is dependent on the Stock module in order to handle invoices of stock items. 

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Strato affords me the opportunity

... to streamline my Audiology practice in one place through one solution. It gives me the ability, at the touch of the keyboard or click of the mouse; to access all relevant clinical and administrative information pertaining to any particular client I may be seeing at any particular time. Kerynn Constable, KC Audiology, South Africa

Get an audiology office management system at low costs

You get a secure, cloud-based clinic management system designed to handle your administrative tasks. Handle audiograms, appointments, journals, emails and much more with Strato. Rest assured all your work and sensitive data is safely stored in the cloud. Always accessible at your convenience. Learn more about cloud-hosting. 

Learn more about Strato.

Want to know more?

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