What’s New in Aurora R6.08

Updating Aurora to help you work smarter

We have a lot to talk about in this update note. We have delivered many feature updates based on customer feedback that we feel will meet your needs.

We are committed to ensuring our system fully supports the Health Care Systems of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States and many other countries around the globe.

With that in mind, most of our updated features are general in nature, but some are country specific. The updates include structural, usability and security-based upgrades, not the least of them being better integration between Aurora and Noah.

Aurora Connect feature

Full NOAH integration

At Simply Hearing Software, we are committed to making your day to day job more manageable. With this in mind, we have now introduced a brand-new feature called NOAH Connect. Noah Connect gives a deeper and seamless integration between Aurora and your Noah system.

Noah Connect allows clinics to access their NOAH and all their NOAH Modules from within Aurora. While you undertake your work within Noah as usual, the data will be saved to the Aurora database!

Noah Connect now ensures that all Noah data across your organisation is stored within one central database.
Please contact Simply Hearing Software for further information.

GDPR compliance

Our European users can now enable enhancements within the system for GDPR compliance. New features include patient access logging, patient anonymizing and personal data export.

Better integration with Xero accounting software

We have enhanced our integration with Xero in response to users’ requests. We now offer a deeper integration with Xero which allows you more freedom with how you manage records.

Better security for your organisation

Information security is paramount across all organisations, but particularly so for healthcare businesses. We have introduced new security protocols and features to address ever-changing requirements in this area.

Handle accounting and pricing easier

We have added new features which will allow your business to handle accounting, invoicing and price updating across your organisation in a more straightforward manner.

Handling your patients

Our patient handling upgrades are designed to meet the needs of busy clinics with new ways to record calls related to patient activity. We have also enhanced the patient information screen which will now offer further information, and for the first time, we have given the ability to use customisable patient forms that can be built using data tags relating to the patient file.

  • New option to record call logging.
  • New NDIS service booking tracking for Australia.
  • New ability available to merge patient leads.
  • New patient forms management tool available.
  • New archive tool available to restore previously saved versions of a visit note.

New reporting options

We understand that reporting is an essential need in any large organisation. We have updated our reporting functions across many areas which will deliver to different organisational needs, and we continue to assess your needs to ensure that your job is an easier one.

Product activity

In this evolution, we have addressed some feedback we have had about the handling of repairs. We have generated a new repair status code which gives users the freedom to update repair status as needed and searches can now be undertaken across different repair status inputs.

Handling clinicians

We have introduced new functionality around clinicians including utilization reporting. Clinician signatures can now be captured digitally and used on patient audiograms.

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You can also contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Aurora.

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