Primus Release

Use Primus to build a non-assisted hearing screener solution

Auditdata is fully committed to continuously improve its Primus audiometer and fitting solution that is used to support the daily workflows of thousands of audiology clinics across both the private and public sector. Today, we’re rolling out the update to Primus that includes a whole bunch of new capabilities specifically designed to make life easier for our customers and provide new tools to help them succeed. Here’s a couple of highlights on what’s new in Primus:

1. Build an advanced hearing test solution

Primus can now be used to build an advanced non-assisted way of performing hearing tests in your clinic. All you need is to combine it with a Windows 10 tablet PC, calibrated transducers and a stand. This solution provides an accurate audiogram and can significantly reduce the time audiology staff use on customers that don’t need a hearing aid – typically as many as 50% of all patients entering a clinic.

2. Seamless integration of presentations and websites in workflows

Primus now supports the integration of external presentations, pdf’s or websites as part of a predefined workflow making it easier for staff to follow centrally defined treatment protocols. This can make a big difference in achieving consistent treatment quality and higher customer satisfaction, but it can also provide documentation that is relevant in terms of compliance. 

3. Handle sound files and speech audiometry CD schemas from Auditdata Cloud

With Primus, it is now possible to install and configure sound files and speech audiometry CD schemas directly from Auditdata Cloud making it easier to manage Primus installations. This eliminates the need for IT staff to perform time consuming manual local installations.

4. Non-assisted automated audiometry in Auditbase

Primus now supports automated non-assisted audiometry test with the Auditbase panel without the need to start the Primus module. For hospital users, this makes it easier to do a hearing test.

5. Get access to tympanograms from Primus

A new shortcut tab for tympanometry has now been added to the key mapping manager in the main settings of Primus. When enabled, the last available tympanometry graph is displayed on the dash board and can also be printed by the user.

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