validating commercial decisions from analytics

Validating commercial decisions

Controlling the consultation process across your organisation.
Even when an organisation has designed what they believe is the best consultation process.

How do they ensure that it is followed across the organisation?


Validating commercial decisions

Considering the thought, time and energy that are expended on the consultation process within commercial audiology organisations, it is imperative to both ensure compliance across the organisation.
In fact, no organisation can truly and measure the impact of any new process unless it is sure that the process has been followed. At Auditdata we believe that our products should deliver solutions to organisational challenges just like this. We believe that we can help you control and measure your consultation process with our integrated office management and analytics solutions.

The modern consultation

  • The consultation process has evolved in response to both the evolution of the business and the customer. Modern-day consultation processes are designed with two separate needs in mind, the clinical needs and the commercial needs. A good consultation process should meet both those needs to ensure success within the business objectives.
  • In order to do so, each part of the consultation needs to be considered for both function and impact on the prospect. When this is done correctly, you have a functional consultation full of so-called wow moments that drive conversion from prospect to customer.
analytics validating commercial decisions

Testing the process

Each time a change is made to the consultation process, it then needs to be tested and measured for impact. The data received from an experiment like this is usually verifiable because the test process is undertaken with a small cohort. The problems arise when a wider test is undertaken across the organisation.

Compliance with a new consultation process

The issue here is that once the employee closes the clinic door, the actual compliance to a set process is unclear at best. Therefore, wider adoption of any new consultation process across the organisation may not be as effective as believed, because the employees may not be adopting it.

Alternatively, the employees may be adopting the process but not be utilising it in the same manner that has been proven to lift conversion. As we have already said, we believe our systems will finally help you overcome that uncertainty and truly validate the effect of any consultation change.

Getting the data, you need

Primus and Primus Business Analytics offers meaningful solutions to these problems. Primus Business Analytics, when combined with Primus Audiometer systems, provide simple report dashboards that can be designed to deliver all of the information that enterprise level businesses need.

The systems when integrated allow a clear understanding of the processes undertaken by every one of your employees. It will allow your commercial management team to understand implicitly, what goes on behind the closed door of the clinic room. It delivers information on what testing process was followed and how long each element took. That visibility will enable your organisation to assess and ensure process compliance across an organisation no matter how big.

It also ensures that you can quickly and thoroughly assess experimentation with the consultation process with confidence. You can make commercial decisions more effectively with hard data delivered by Primus Business Analytics.

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