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For Audiology service providers who want to store and access client data from one place and support off-line mode. Bridge is a cloud-based storage feature available in Auditdata Manage that gives HCPs the ability to store client and audiological data online and access these remotely. Unlike other systems where data is stored on premise or local PCs, Bridge enables you to provide care using online or offline audiology data. 

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Sales features

Convert Leads2


Mixing leads with actual clients can quickly become a mess. Getting leads into Manage is quite simple, and once that lead shows up for the 1st consultation and has potential to buy a hearing aid, you can convert them to a client, and keep it separate. 



In most businesses upselling is key to getting the best possible profit. With our inventory feature, you can create a suggested sales list, so for instance if you were to enter a specific hearing aid into the invoice, then you will be asked to perhaps include batteries or cleaning kit etc.



Are you getting closer and closer to the point where you want to be? In Manage we allow you to set up goals for each individual client and track how you get closer and closer to that goal each time you interact with the client. 

Remote Meeting1


Online more traditional audiology practices revolving around in-person visits, remote care allows clients to receive treatment and check-ups from any location with a reliable internet connection or a phone. Explore the many opportunities remote care will give you to expand your reach. 

Marketing features

Campaign Management1 (1)


For a customer, relevant communication is valuable, whereas spam and irrelevant news is an annoyance. Use campaign management to design a customer journey that deliver communications at different stages that provides real value for your customers.

Client Retention (1)


Our systems allow you to set-up services to the individual needs of each customer through a powerful 360-degree overview which enables you to quickly and easily drive those strategies for best effect.


Customer Db6


With in-depth filter and search and the ability to set up custom database fields, you can reach out to your clients proactively. All Noah data across your organisation is stored in one central customer database allowing you to filter client data like hearing losses or hearing aids worn for the first time, which can help you in segmenting your clients in various groups when setting up campaigns.

Customer Journey1


A defined customer journey and a related efficient communication strategy is key to keep your customers engaged. Customer journey workflows help you define that client journey and design a structured approach to your communication and marketing efforts. 

Compliance 3


Opt-in handling of customer consents makes sure that you are in the clear by only sending emails, SMS etc. To clients who have opted-in for marketing and track what you are sending.

Operational features

Appointment Book


Working in front desk or call center, you can quickly loose the overview, client bookings and the staffs schedules. With our scheduler you can have specific locations assigned, or easily pick the location you want to book the appointment for. Being flexible and meeting the clients needs is always good service. With our Find Appointment tool you can select specialist, days, best times in the day (morning or afternoon) and find the available slots matching those criteria. 

Mobile App1 (1)


With our mobile app, you can bring your schedule with you. We provide a real-time view of your schedule and your entire staff from one intuitive interface. Our mobile app works on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can view appointments by month or by day; you can see complete appointment details and easily view schedules for multiple staff.

Remote Meeting1


Tele-Health module integrates seamlessly within the appointment module of Auditdata Manage. This module enables clinics to meet virtually with clients. Simply create an appointment and enable the online video meeting option. A meeting link is then emailed to both the client and clinician. 30 minutes prior to the appointment, a reminder is sent to both parties who then simply click on the meeting link to start the meeting.

Sales Flow5


Auditdata Manage includes a very simple and efficient workflow for sales. You can create quotes for the clients to receive and access. Once they accept the quote you convert the quote into an order and the manufacturer will be notified that you want a hearing aid shipped. When the shipment has arrived you receive the order and log it. You then call the customer and let them know that the hearing aid is in and you book them for a fitting session. Finally, the fitting is done you finalize the invoice and receive payment.



When getting walk-ins or selling to existing clients, you can quickly add an item to the invoice. Whether you do invoicing manually or use an invoicing system, it is easier to manage your invoicing in the same system. Our well-designed invoicing modules can customise invoices for clients or third-party payers using predefined templates. Add your logo, change the font or the colour to create your unique invoice template.

Receive Payments2


If a bill is split between two, you can easily get an overview of the invoice and who paid what, so you can see who owes you money. It is also possible to connect a payment terminal, in which you can enter the account number and quickly register if a customer paid either by check, credit card, cash etc.)



Set up all hearing aid, consumables items and services so you have everything organized. You might also want to sell the same product everywhere, but the price is different depending on country. In our solution you can customise just that. As a larger chain you sometimes experience that you need to send a serialized item from one location to the other. With our solution, you can easily track this transfer and log it making sure the right item is at the right location.

Stock Management2


With integrated stock handling, you can manage your entire stock from batteries to hearing aids and accessories, providing visibility across multiple outlets. With the inventory management module, you don't have to flip through lists or spreadsheets to find out, if the hearing aid you're looking for is out on loan, in stock, or sold. When analysed over time, collected data can help you increase revenue by lowering handling costs and improving cash flows. Easily export data to MS Excel or CSV.

Service Repair3


Our service and repair module allows you to handle all of your service and repair orders with ease. It keeps track of repair orders and repair facilities, giving you complete visibility over costs and more importantly the status of all repair orders.

Client Management

No need to look several places for information - Find all the most relevant client information in one single view, making it easy to get an overview of the client’s history with the clinic.

Contact Info2


If you are having many elderly people or a lot of children in your clinic, then you can differ the contact information from the client information. For instance, with children you might want their parent's information to be listed as “Contact information”.

Add Leads1


When you are using our Manage solution and ipad hearing screener you get leads from various locations. All leads from our hearing screening solution goes straight into Manage, making sure no data gets lost due to manual work. 

Client Documents1


It can be difficult to keep track of how many times a client's hearing aid went in for cleaning or repair.  In Manage, you can easily get on overview helping you to advice your client's on when to get a new and better hearing aid. 

Send Notifications


No shows are bad for any business, and it’s no different for an audiology. With our build in SMS and Email reminder you can notify clients when an appointment has been made, and remind them to increase chances of them showing up. You will of course also be able to see previous notifications in the client view.


Patient Inquiry3


This powerful inquiry tool that can be used to mine your patient database relies on the usage of flexible criteria based on patient demographic information, sales history, or appointment history. The patient inquiry provides users with the ability to print bulk letters, labels, or export detailed patient information, including HA details for selected patients. It also enables users to export the selected records to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
Product Sales1


The product sales report lists all sales for each category by clinic and by location within each clinic, including subtotals for each. The report can be produced in summary or detail and can be printed to PDF or exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Alternatively, the report can be run as a Margin Analysis report comparing sales to costs to determine a margin.

Aged Reports1


The aged A/R report option recreates a customer or a third party co-payers account status as of the selected cut-off date. It reconstructs the account using invoice, payment, and deposit history as well as accurately identifies the already paid invoices. The report lists each patient and third party with amounts owed as of the cut-off date in five age categories and can be printed to PDF or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Warranty Exprires1


The warranty expiry report lists all hearing aids (or non-hearing aids that have a serial number assigned) with a warranty expiry date shown within the specified date range. The report helps to determine which clients should be recalled for appointments before their warranty expires. This report can be printed to PDF only.

Appointment Report1


The appointment booking report allows users to cover multiple options taken from an appointment information. The report can either include a certain appointment reason or multiple appointment reasons. Additionally, you can select individual or multiple appointment statuses and specify appointments made by one or multiple users. The report can be printed to PDF or exported to Excel.

Security and Integrations



You can integrate to many different accounting tools (QuickBooks, Xero, Navision etc. To take those transactions from Manage to the ERP system – quickly reconcile all the payments for the day and do bank deposits.

Online Offline


For Audiology service providers who want to store and access client data from one place and support off-line mode. Bridge is a cloud-based storage feature available in Auditdata Manage that gives HCPs the ability to store client and audiological data online and access these remotely. Unlike other systems where data is stored on premise or local PCs, Bridge enables you to provide care using online or offline audiology data. 

Security Integration5


We provide secure, reliable and scalable management of your data and compliance with the data protection and privacy laws generally applicable to our business activities. This includes 'granular security' at either location level, region level or user level. Moreover, we are ISO 27001 certified and also certified in 'Microsoft Azure Hosted (in your region)' and SQL Server Backend.

Cloud Hosting1


Your data security, storage, and backup should be the least of your worries. With Auditdata Manage Your client data is stored securely in your own, protected cloud server. You don't have to invest in on-site software, server maintenance or worry about backup – your data is always 100% updated and accessible from anywhere. 

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