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Tele-health: Stay in touch with your patients

Retail hearing care providers are struggling to cope with the disruption caused by COVID-19. Store traffic has dropped significantly and this has been amplified by the fact that a large part of the patient population are older patients.

To address this, we have fast-tracked development of a Tele-Health module which integrates seamlessly within the appointment module of Auditdata Manage. Simply create an appointment and enable the online video meeting option. A meeting link is then emailed to both the patient and clinician.

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Operational features

App Calendar2


The calendar feature provides a complete overview of appointments across your outlets and employees. With a simple drag and drop feature, it's  easy to change dates and times. A simple right click and you can change details such as location, resource, status, type and more.

Back Up


Automated back-up means that schedules are always up-to-date and backed-up in the cloud. If something happens to a branch-based computer or laptop, you simply plug in a new one and log in. Your data is safe and you can access them from anywhere, anytime



Whether you do invoicing manually or use an invoicing system, it is easier to manage your invoicing in the same system. Our well-designed invoicing modules can customise invoices for clients or third-party payers using predefined templates. Add your logo, change the font or the colour to create your unique invoice template.

Mobile App3


With our mobile app, you can bring your schedule with you. We provide a real-time view of your schedule and your entire staff from one intuitive interface. Our mobile app works on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can view appointments by month or by day; you can see complete appointment details and easily view schedules for multiple staff.

Service Repair2


Our service and repair module allow you to handle all of your service and repair orders with ease. It keeps track of repair orders and repair facilities, giving you complete visibility over costs and more importantly the status of all repair orders.

Sms Reminder


Optimise your scheduled appointments by combining your calendar with an automated mobile text reminder system. It is an undeniable fact that people forget appointments. An efficient way of reducing the number of no-shows is sending a polite mobile text reminder.

Stock Management1


With integrated stock handling, you can manage your entire stock from batteries to hearing aids and accessories, providing visibility across multiple outlets. With the inventory management module, you don't have to flip through lists or spreadsheets to find out, if the hearing aid you're looking for is out on loan, in stock, or sold. When analysed over time, collected data can help you increase revenue by lowering handling costs and improving cash flows. Easily export data to MS Excel or CSV.



Tele-Health module integrates seamlessly within the appointment module of Auditdata Manage. This module enables clinics to meet virtually with patients. Simply create an appointment and enable the online video meeting option. A meeting link is then emailed to both the patient and clinician. 30 minutes prior to the appointment, a reminder is sent to both parties who then simply click on the meeting link to start the meeting.

Marketing features

Campaign Management1


Valuable communication to the customer is crucial, whereas communication without perceived value is merely an annoyance. Use campaign management to design a customer journey that deliver communications at different stages that provides real value for your customers.

Client Retention


Our systems allow you to focus your services to the individual needs of each customer through a powerful 360-degree overview and to quickly and easily drive those strategies for best effect.


Customer Db4


With in-depth filter and search and the ability to set up custom database fields, you can reach out to your clients proactively. All Noah data across your organisation is stored in one central customer database allowing you to filter client data like hearing losses or hearing aids worn for the first time.  

Cust Journey3


A defined customer journey and a related efficient communication strategy is key to keep your customers engaged. Customer journey helps you define that patient journey and design a structured approach to your communication and marketing efforts. 

Document Handling


Document handling allows you to handle all of your direct marketing whether it is mailing or digital. Document templates for different purposes in any MS format can be saved and managed and a range of documents are included, but you can also create your own – completely customised with your logo or images.

Other features



Auditdata Manage lets you integrate sales transactions, invoice payments, ap bills, stock adjustments with a range of ERP systems including for example SAP, JD Edwards, Navision, XERO, QuickBooks and more.



We provide secure, reliable and scalable management of your data and compliance with the data protection and privacy laws generally applicable to our business activities. This includes 'granular security' at either location level, region level or user level. Moreover, we are ISO 27001 certified and also certified in 'Microsoft Azure Hosted (in your region)' and SQL Server Backend.

Cloud Hosting1


Your data security, storage, and backup should be the least of your worries. With Auditdata Manage Your client data is stored securely in your own, protected cloud server. You don't have to invest in on-site software, server maintenance or worry about backup – your data is always 100% updated and accessible from anywhere.