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Take your clinical performance to the next level

Auditdata Measure is a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. Standardizing, benchmarking and optimizing your clinical processes means higher clinical performance, better quality and ultimately happier customers. 

Building blocks to power your clinical performance

Whether you're doing testing and fitting at your clinic or on the move, you need flexible and connected solutions that make clinical data available to other systems. With seamless integration to Noah and a modular architecture, Auditdata Measure makes it possible to add the specific modules you need, e.g. video otoscopy, REM, speech mapping or others.

Audiological equipment overview

Get the bigger picture

Auditdata analytics enables you to translate the insights you gain from your everyday clinical workflows into decisions that can improve your business for the future.

Calibration downtime a thing of the past

With calibration in the plug of the transducers, it’s a simple case of swapping them for new ones. This means no clinic downtime or investment in redundancy.

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The proven way to improve clinical performance

Auditdata Measure is the only fully-integrated diagnostic assessment and fitting solution that gives unique performance insights resulting in high clinical efficiency and customer satisfaction. Unlike operating with typical diagnostic equipment and limited access to data. 

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Your measure of success

Having efficient processes in place to test and fit hearing aids is at the core of your audiology practice. This is the prerequisite for delivering service that provides clients with consistently positive experiences across all of your retail outlets.


Hoorcentrum Aerts implements clinical workflows to deliver high-quality care

As part of a commercial excellence initiative and commitment to provide extraordinary customer experiences – Hoorcentrum Aerts have used Primus to streamline the organization’s processes and protocols. One huge asset is the Primus clinical workflow function, which outlines exactly what audiologists need to do, and in what order. 

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Stay compliant wherever you do business

Hearing health regulations vary widely across countries. Auditdata Measure can be customized to keep you compliant wherever you do business

Trusted by leading hearing care providers

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Benchmark staff and locations

Our dashboard shows your individual staff and location performance which can help you quickly identify and correct issues with your quality of service


"Successful testing and fitting of hearing aids across different outlets, requires that staff follows predefined workflows and protocols. With Primus, we have a simple and centralized way of doing this. Moreover, it makes analytics available from our testing processes allowing us to continuously improve our processes and the experience we deliver to customers."

Jaume Anglada, Medical Product Manager

Amplifon Iberica, S.A.U.

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"We use a clinical process or workflow in Primus to give the best quality to every client that comes in, and to ensure the same high quality across all shops and employees. No matter which hearing center a customer visits, they will start at the same point, go through the same journey, and will end up with the best possible hearing solutions to meet their specific needs."

Lore Heylen

Hoorcentrum Aerts

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