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New Audiometer
& Fitting Unit

Incredibly sleek. Exceptionally Accurate.

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Identify Hearing Loss, Precisely Fit Hearing Aids With Integrated Suite of Solutions.

Auditdata Measure Best Care Experience
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Hearing Assessments Solution

If you're searching for a solution that can provide comprehensive and accurate evaluations of patients' hearing capabilities, our hearing assessment suite is designed for you. Seamlessly administer a wide range of audiological tests, from pure-tone and speech audiometry to tympanometry, with cutting-edge technology.

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Hearing Instrument Fitting Solution

If precision in instrument fitting and thorough testing is what you seek, our integrated solution is designed for you. From real ear measurement (REM) to speech mapping, RECD, and including specialized tests for hearing instruments testing, we have you covered.

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Clinical and Fleet Reporting

If you're eager to tap into powerful analytics and performance metrics, our clinical and fleet reporting tools offer in-depth insights into your practice's health. Track key performance indicators, measure outcomes, and identify areas for improvement.

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Services for Clinic Operations

If you aim to maximize your clinic's operational efficiency with minimal downtime, our transducer swap service and comprehensive training programs are perfect solutions for you. Enjoy uninterrupted operations and receive tailored support from our team of experts.

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Enabling Accurate, Assured Hearing Assessment and Fittings

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Empower People With Hearing Impairment With Efficient And Accurate Testing And Fitting

Bridging the gap between detection and treatment, Measure enables clear testing, consistent workflows, and a comfortable patient experience. Measure enables audiologists and clinics to monitor and streamline workflows—resulting in increased customer satisfaction and decreased rates of return. 

Auditdata Measure Software

Unmatched in Audiology: Excellence in Efficiency and Enhanced Care

New Software Design. Easier Navigation.

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Popular Guide and Monitor Clinical Workflows

Automate clinical processes and guarantee the best care experience across locations and patients. Measure’s step-by-step guided workflows improve efficiency, ease the onboarding of new staff, and ensure consistent, high-quality care across an organization and locations.

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Reminders and Notification to Drive Positive Decisions

Stay on track and deliver best care experiences with the help of our built-in clinical quality assessment. Audiologists are encouraged to take immediate action if measurement anomalies are detected, resulting in a solid starting point for effective hearing interventions.

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Effortless Customization and Seamless Distribution

Share files containing settings, test definitions, and workflows seamlessly across multiple fitting units and clinics, eliminating repeated manual configurations. Tailor the software to achieve centralized distribution, ensuring consistency and efficiency in all hearing clinics.

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"This system doesn't just save time—it ensures our data is precise and secure, minimizing the chance for errors and enhancing our overall patient care quality."

Erika Saldarriaga

Speech Therapist and Audiologist

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Award-winning solutions

Auditdata wins Hearing Technology Innovator Award™

In October 2022, we won an award for our audiological equipment and software in Equipment – Hearing & Balance category. "We have spent significant time, effort, and energy developing these innovative solutions that are helping many audiology businesses succeed,” said Kurt Bager, CEO at Auditdata.

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