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Take your clinical performance to the next level

Auditdata Measure is a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights. Standardizing, benchmarking, and optimizing your clinical processes means higher clinical performance, better quality, and ultimately happier customers.

Audiological Equipment Portfolio

Whether you are looking for fast, portable, reliable PC-based audiological testing or robust and lightweight traditional audiological testing solutions, we have the equipment that will suit your needs.

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Award-winning solutions

Auditdata wins Hearing Technology Innovator Award™

In October 2022, we won an award for our audiological equipment and software in Equipment – Hearing & Balance category. "We have spent significant time, effort, and energy developing these innovative solutions that are helping many audiology businesses succeed,” said Kurt Bager, CEO at Auditdata.

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Guide and monitor your clinical workflows

Streamline your day-to-day clinical processes with industry-leading software enabling you to consistently deliver high quality service to customers. Our clinical workflow feature makes it possible to create and customize ways of working to suit your clinical best practices and easily transition between test.

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Workflow Primus

With Primus workflows, you can

  • Improve the quality of audiological diagnostic assessment and treatment
  • Ease onboarding of new staff and implementation of new protocols
  • Enhance the current, appropriate clinical practice

Reminders and notification to drive positive decisions

When working in our software, hearing care professionals can rely on and be guided with visual notifications and reminders to help them provide quicker, more accurate, and higher-quality audiometry with complete confidence. Real-time clinical audiometric quality measures and highlighted nudging help an audiologist track audiometric quality, act immediately, and ultimately ensure a good quality starting point for the hearing intervention to be provided.

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Nudge Feature F8@4X

Type of notifications and reminders to configure:

  • Missing stimuli 
  • Missing inter-octave frequency 
  • Missing mandatory frequencies 
  • Masking recommended
  • Consistency issue
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"We use clinical workflows in Primus to give the best quality to every client that comes in and to ensure the same quality across all clinics and employees. No matter which hearing center a customer visits, they will start at the same point, go through the same journey, and will end up with the best possible hearing solutions to meet their specific needs."

Lore Heylen

Hoorcentrum Aerts

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Hoorcentrum Aerts implements clinical workflows to deliver high-quality care

As part of a commercial excellence initiative and commitment to provide extraordinary customer experiences, Hoorcentrum Aerts have used Primus to streamline the organization’s processes and protocols. One huge asset is the Primus clinical workflow function, which outlines exactly what audiologists need to do, and in what order. 

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The most common types of hearing test

Calibration downtime a thing of the past

With calibration in the plug of the transducers, it is a simple case of swapping them for new ones. This means no clinic downtime or investment in redundancy.

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Calibration service hearing

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