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Transforming Testing and Fitting Into a Comfortable Experience

Empowering hearing care professionals with more meaningful face time. Auditdata’s software and hardware utilize data and AI to enable more effective and accurate detection, as well as streamline and optimize administration for more elevated patient care.

Accurate Testing & Fitting

The Importance of the Tympanogram in the Differential Diagnosis of Middle Ear Pathologies

The article discusses common middle ear disorders, and the importance of tympanograms in their diagnosis.

11 Tips To Find, Recruit And Hire The Most Amazing Audiologists

If your hearing clinic is looking to hire a new audiologist, you will likely face increased competition since audiologists are so highly in demand. So, how do you set your practice apart from the others and find the perfect fit for your clinic? This blog outlines 11 foolproof tips to attract, recruit, and hire the most amazing audiologists.

Understanding Eustachian Tube Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes, and Testing Methods

The eustachian tube is a crucial part of the middle ear system. Testing eustachian tube function is essential in obtaining a complete patient picture in the presence of middle ear related symptoms.

Decoding Cochlear vs Retrocochlear Pathology: A Review of Test Options

How important is it to distinguish cochlear vs retrocochlear pathology? Both pathologies can result in hearing loss but the underlying cause, site of lesion, and patient presentation differ between the two. Distinguishing between these two categories of pathology is important when considering treatment options and prognosis. To determine whether a hearing loss is a result of a cochlear or retrocochlear pathology, advanced testing techniques, like the SISI, acoustic reflexes, and acoustic reflex decay are used.

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