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Get a fully branded hearing screener

Your iPad hearing screener is one of the first touchpoints of your hearing clinic and an initial place to interact with your brand. It’s essential to give your screener a solid visual identity to connect it to your corporate brand. Branding the screener lets you provide it with your clinic’s look and feel, making your hearing screener consistent with your hearing clinic, so it’s recognizable to key audiences.

How to brand your new hearing screener

Welcome page

This is the first thing your prospects will see on your hearing screener. We recommend you customize your welcome page to be consistent with your brand for an aligned user experience. For instance, feature your logo prominently, and use the same colors and fonts on your welcome page, as for your clinic’s other marketing materials, such as website, brochures, direct mail pieces, in-clinic signage, etc.

Add your company logo, customize buttons and backgrounds

The hearing screener can be styled with your logo, colors, fonts, and button settings, to give it the same general look as your other materials.

Email templates

You have the option to automatically email test results to your customers while all qualified leads are pushed simultaneously to you, making them instantly actionable. That means your staff can take action to get new pre-qualified customers into the clinic to perform a more elaborate hearing test. Create a branded email letter with our built-in editor. When creating a template, you can specify the template's name, provide a description, and subject text to make it more distinguishable and easier to find. 

Personalize with Images and videos

Using photos and videos can help prospects learn more about your clinic, team, products, and solutions, and it can also be a helpful branding exercise. For instance, you can add customized background images to your test screening flow. Images could include photos of your team, etc. And videos can be beneficial, providing users with an introduction to your staff, answers to common questions, information about the next steps if the screener indicates a hearing loss, etc. To ensure good-quality background images and videos, follow the guidelines below:

  • Background Image – should be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, recommended size 500 KB, recommended resolution 1536 x 2048 pixels 4:3 ratio (~264 ppi density) 
  • Video – should be .mp4, .mov, 10 MB, recommended resolution; 640 x 480 pixels (30 fps frame rate), Bitrate:  2.5 Mbps 

Take ownership of your new hearing screener

Branding your hearing screener is the perfect way to make the platform look and feel like your own. With your clinic’s look and feel, you’ll create a professional, trustworthy, identifiable environment for your users and strengthen your brand identity. Since it only takes minutes to do, it’s wise to prioritize this.

Do you want your own fully branded hearing screener?

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