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Here you can find all current Auditdata Management System Certificates such as ISO 27001 and EC plus Declarations of Conformity for all our products and solutions.

Management System Certificates

ISO 27001
ISO 27001 Certificat

ISO 13485
Auditdata A/S ISO 13485 Certificate
Auditdata A/S ISO 13485 MDSAP Certificate

Product Certificates

Declarations of Conformity

AuditBase clinic management system
Primus PFU Fitting unit
Primus PHITU Hearing instrument test unit
Primus HIT Pro Hearing instrument test unit
Primus PFU+ Fitting unit Plus
Primus PFU Pro Fitting unit Pro
Primus Ice audiometer
Primus Video Otoscope
Entomed SA201 audiometer
Entomed SA202 audiometer
Entomed SA203 audiometer
Entomed SA204 audiometer
Entomed TY-101 tympanometer


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