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Auditdata Engage

Build your pipeline the most effective way

Auditdata Engage is an audiology self-screening solution for retail locations that helps service providers engage with potential customers and generate valuable leads with less staff effort and related cost.

We take tablet-based hearing screening to the next level

  • Fast hearing screening
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Background noise compensation 
  • Customer test results via email - NEW FEATURE
  • iPad Air (2019), iPad Pro and minimum iPad 6th gen
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Create the experience you want

You know your customers’ needs better than anyone. Auditdata Engage is a simple, tablet-based hearing test that can be easily tailored to create the user experience, messaging and brand experience that fits your business. 

Reinforce your brand identity

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is not easy. Our customizable interface can be tailored to your brand, allowing you to make a lasting impression for your customers.

Customise your patient journey

Customizable testing allows you to take control of your patient experience, generating valuable leads while creating lasting relationships.

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Fully GDPR compliant

Auditdata Engage is simple to set up and use, reducing the need for expensive lead sourcing. We provide centralized control enabling you to collect and manage customer data while staying fully compliant with GDPR and other data security requirements. This translates into more leads, less work for your staff, and more sales. 

More leads, less work and more sales

Test results are automatically emailed to customers while all qualified leads are pushed simultaneously to the service provider making them instantly actionable. This means, staff can take action to get new pre-qualified customers to the clinic to perform a more elaborate hearing test.

Customizable screening flow and company branding

We enable hearing care providers to provide self-screening across a variety of high-traffic locations using a simple, iPad based solution. We deliver the flexibility to create the user experience and messaging that fits your business. 

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Make qualified leads actionable immediately

With integrated appointment scheduling, customers can schedule appointments on their own and your staff can take instant action. We deliver business intelligence capabilities that provides hearing care providers clever new ways of visualizing and reviewing lead analytics.

Trusted by leading hearing care providers

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Seamless access to screener data

Working off-line or online, our hearing screener integrates with the backbone OMS that audiology retailers use to run their business, but also in its ease-of-use in terms of set-up and implementation.

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"Compared to leads from a regular hearing clinic, we pick up the customers with a hearing loss much earlier in their mental journey and they are still in their denial phase. Education, support and awareness is important for these customers. "

Katie Ball

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"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikuła

Marketing Manager, Geers Polska part of Sonova, Poland.

Ready to start generating leads?

Learn how easy and simple Auditdata Engage is to set up and maintain, eliminating the need for expensive lead sourcing.