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Auditdata Engage is an audiology self-screening solution for retail locations that helps service providers engage with potential customers and generate valuable leads with less staff effort and related cost. 

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Interact with potential customers in high traffic locations

Getting hold of new customers is a challenge in hearing care.
Auditdata Engage lets you connect with potential customers in new ways.


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Create the experience you want  

You know your customers’ needs better than anyone. Auditdata Engage is a simple, tablet-based hearing test that can be easily tailored to create the user experience, messaging and brand experience that fits your business. 

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Have confidence when you engage potential customers

Auditdata Engage is simple to set up and use, reducing the need for expensive lead sourcing. We provide centralized control enabling you to collect and manage customer data while staying fully compliant with GDPR and other data security requirements. This translates into more leads, less work for your staff, and more sales. 

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Kiosk based screener

Delivers an audiogram that can be used as starting point, saving you valuable time.


Stand-alone iPad screener

Delivers a solid, yet preliminary indication of a given person’s hearing abilities. 


"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikuła

Marketing Manager, Geers Polska part of Sonova, Poland.

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Reinforce your brand identity

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is not easy. Our customizable interface can be tailored to your brand, allowing you to make a lasting impression for your customers.

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Customizable screening flow and company branding

Flexibility to create the user experience and messaging that fits your business

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Make qualified leads actionable immediately

With integrated appointment scheduling, customers can schedule appointments on their own and your staff can take instant action

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Seamless access to screener data

Working off-line or online, integration with Auditdata OMS makes it possible to push screener results and patient data directly to the OMS with no double-entry   

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Take control of your patient experience

Customizable testing allows you to take control of your patient experience, generating valuable leads while creating lasting relationships.

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Fully GDPR Compliant

We provide centralized control that allows audiologists to collect and manage customer data while staying fully compliant with GDPR and other data security requirements.

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