Pre-Clinic Insights

It takes seven years from detection before a person seeks the necessary treatment.

Auditdata aims to close that gap by raising awareness of hearing impairment and providing the tools to facilitate smooth and accurate screenings. With an easy-to-use iPad-based self-screening experience, hearing care professionals can easily qualify and onboard patients with minimal effort and costs. A seamless journey from booking to fitting, Auditdata helps manage appointments and optimize resources from the beginning.

Raising Awareness & Ending The Stigma

Exploring the Double Standard of Hearing Aids and Glasses

Why is there a stigma around wearing hearing aids, but not around wearing glasses? Eyeglasses were once a sign of age and impairment – remember the cruel old taunts of “four-eyes” – but are now seen as cool and trendy. Hearing aids should have a similar evolution: from stigmatizing burden to innovative, wearable tech.

The Benefits of Automated Reminders in Hearing Healthcare

Reminders are essential for hearing clinics. Auditdata’s automated reminders ensure that clinicians don’t skip important steps in their treatment. Our solutions also remind customers to make (and keep) hearing appointments and take proper care of their hearing aids.

9 Proven Ways To Prevent No Shows And Last-Minute Cancellations

Hearing practices with efficient schedules typically perform better clinically and financially than practices with inefficient schedules and frequent no shows. This “seemingly small detail” really matters, since patient no shows and last-minute cancellations result in wasted time, money, and effort. This blog outlines 9 tips to reduce these no shows.

Unveiling the Age Bias & Adding Diversity in Hearing Aid Advertisements

Hearing aid advertisements often feature older, Caucasian people passively sitting in chairs while wearing their hearing aids, which feeds into negative stereotypes about hearing loss. To change the perception of hearing loss – and show that it happens to people of all ages, races, backgrounds, etc. – advertising and marketing efforts must become more inclusive. Read this blog for tips on how to accomplish this.

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