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Get seamless access to hearing screener data and reports

Auditdata Engage links seamlessly with Auditdata’s Practice Management Software, Manage, allowing hearing care professionals to maximize the data they collect through the screener. 

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Operational excellence

With the information collected from the screening, your staff can book the right appointment with the right people, save time prequalifying, and know that the clients visiting the clinic have a confirmed hearing loss and are ready to act on it. This all results in increased efficiency and a superior customer experience.

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Reporting across clinics

Access metrics like lead inflow, conversion rate, and more. Auditdata’s solutions make it easy to track numbers in a hearing clinic or across multiple clinics.

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Based on the demographics of your screener leads, you can look at the data to determine how many people with hearing loss (and their age distribution) you can expect.

Track and nurture incoming leads

All screening results are saved in the Auditdata Cloud. This makes it easy for you to track incoming leads, prioritize them, and nurture each lead to help convert prospects to patients. Our hearing screener integrates seamlessly with Manage, creating leads directly in the practice management software and conducting automatic outreach to prospects at pre-determined intervals.

  • Access usage statistics – Detailed information can be easily downloaded and analyzed.
  • View clinic reports – Staff can view patient and leads data, with information is broken down by a clinic or multiple clinics
  • Retrieve screening information – Test results and patient data can be viewed in your web browser. This information is automatically uploaded onto the cloud and can be stored and accessed in your Auditdata practice management software.
  • Work in offline mode – Engage is used on iPads and can operate offline (which is helpful if you’re conducting screenings in an area without reliable Internet), and results can be easily and accurately uploaded to the cloud later.
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Learn how easy and simple Auditdata Engage is to set up and maintain, eliminating the need for expensive lead sourcing.