Auditdata Discover | Add-on | BI analytics tool

Turn your data into competitive advantage

Auditdata Discover is an analytics platform that makes your business transparent by providing you with metrics from key areas of your business. Moreover, it provides insights into each step of the hearing care customer journey empowering you to make fact-based business decisions. 

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Increase your top and bottom-line

Activating your data can help reveal where to focus your marketing efforts, understand how to increase your clinic performance, and give you insights on clinical quality and hearing care outcomes across all your hearing clinics, staff, and clients.

Focus your efforts where it matters

Leveraging analytics can significantly impact your business strategy. It clears away clutter and lets you focus on the things that matter the most. Moreover, using data, you can track initiatives and benchmark the performance of clinic(s) and staff.

Engage your staff

With benchmarks and personal data points, you can set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your staff and easily track these together with them to optimize the outcomes of their efforts.

Connect commercial
and clinical performance data

Using audiological data from your instruments and correlating these to commercial data points will enable you to understand how clinical performance supports commercial outcomes. Balancing these two aspects of your clinics and aligning standard processes around these deliveries will benefit your operational performance and increase the quality of customer care.

Get the full picture of your hearing care business, inside and out

Auditdata Discover taps into areas known to be decisive for business success in audiology. This includes data points across customer acquisition, clinical assessment, fitting, and general operational performance.

  • Access from anywhere: Cloud storage makes it possible to access data from anywhere. This means you can access reports whenever you like and ensure that the data is updated accordingly.
  • Transparent data: This makes your business performance transparent by providing metrics from key areas of your business. You can easily segment the data based on time, location, staff, or other predefined relevant parameters.
  • A best practice for data: Standard Discover Reports are available in Manage. These will support you in understanding where (and how) to improve your business. The reports include specified definitions and data points defined after industry benchmarks. To help you, it includes tips and tricks on how to optimize each of the parameters.

How to unleash the power of your data

After purchasing Standard Discover Reports, we support you with the setup. Together with you, we unleash the power of your data by inserting it into pre-made reports. We ensure that the data works for you and that the correct data is inserted. If you are a smaller chain, we highly recommend using our Standard Discover Reports, which are meant to support your clinics and have predefined KPIs and measures. They are easy to onboard and require a minimal setup. If you are a larger chain, we are more than open to discussing your specific needs and, together with you, setting up the reports you need.

Auditdata Discover

4 Types of Standard Discover Reports

There are four standard reports available designed to provide an overview of key areas of your business. The reports are standardized and have some fixed definitions of each KPI. It is possible to filter the data in the reports by region, clinic, service provider, and time.

4 crucial conversion rates to improve in hearing care

New client conversion report

Displays how well new leads are converting into buying customers. It can help you understand the outcome of your efforts toward recruiting new clients. You must differentiate between new and existing client conversion to accurately measure key metrics, including staff performance.

Marketing report

The marketing report is set up for you to be able to measure the outcome of your marketing efforts. It shows how different marketing campaigns/referral sources are generating leads and how well these are converting into buying customers. 

Sales trend report

The sales trends report enables managers to keep a finger on the pulse of the clinic's performance. It helps monitor the performance of sales teams, plan sales strategies, forecast sales and, most importantly, reduce the length of the sales cycle. 

Service provider hourly report

Outlines how the staff working hours are allocated in the schedule. This gives a good indication of where to optimize the clinics and potentially move staff around to maximize productivity and other key outcomes.

Be the hearing care professionals your clients want you to be

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