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Auditdata Discover

Turn your data into competitive advantage

Auditdata Discover is an analytics platform that makes your business transparent by providing you with metrics from key areas of your business. Moreover, it provides insights about each step of the hearing care customer journey empowering you to make fact-based business decisions. 


Analytics specifically built for audiology

Auditdata Discover taps into areas that are known to be decisive for business success in audiology. This includes datapoints spanning across customer acquisition, clinical assessment, fitting and general operational performance.

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Expand as you grow

Auditdata products are built for customization and adaptability, allowing you to add third party data sources and scale solutions as your business grows.

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Map how cost-effective you are in delivering care

Correlate disconnected clinical and commercial data points to spot relevant trends. Make informed decisions and take actions that benefit your operational performance as well as customer care.

Tighten your focus 

Improving the way you leverage analytics can significantly impact your business. It clears away clutter and lets you focus on the things that matter the most.

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Get the full picture of your hearing care business, inside and out

Auditdata Discover can tap into clinical data from your testing and fitting processes or your general practice management to identify issues or uncover potential improvement areas. It can also be activated to map lead conversion, predict sales and improve customer retention.

Support for any data source

Easy integration with your office management software and clinical assessment and fitting solution makes collecting and organizing relevant data a simple task.

Manage Operational Efficiency

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