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We Improve Quality of Life By Enabling the Best Care Experience For All

Imagine for just a second that you lost the ability to hear...

The ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I hate you’s’. And all the ‘you’s’ in between. 
Now, imagine how that would affect your quality of life.

Today, more than 430 million people worldwide are affected by a disabling hearing impairment. But only 20% are wearing a hearing aid and on average, seven years go by from detection before seeking the necessary treatment.

Seven years is a lot of important ‘you’s’ missed.

At Auditdata, we are changing those statistics by working closely together with hearing care professionals worldwide to improve the care experience for everyone facing hearing impairment—from early detection to aftercare. We leverage data and technology to enable hearing care professionals, clinics, and hospitals to deliver the best possible care experience for each individual patient.

All with one goal in mind: making every reminder of hearing impairment as uplifting as possible.

That’s why Auditdata exists, to improve quality of life by enabling the best experience for every patient at every touchpoint. To us, that is the Best Care Experience.

Our Promises

We care, across the journey and beyond - Auditdata

We care, across the journey and beyond

Auditdata connects the customer journey from initial testing to aftercare to make every touchpoint between patient and hearing care professional a more positive experience. For every assessment, need, fit, and lifestyle, Auditdata enables clinics to provide the right counseling and recommendations that ease users through their journey.

Freeing up time where it matters

Freeing up time where it matters

Auditdata is in the business of hearing and in service of listening. Hearing care professionals can spend more time where it matters when they streamline their clinic operations, and patients receive better consultations, easing the process from screening to fitting

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Technology designed for the future of hearing care

With today’s tools, accurate detection and diagnostics aren’t enough. Auditdata’s product portfolio and management services are also designed to easily integrate into the workflows of audiologists, acting as an extension of their care without compromising on the quality.

Raising awareness, improving lives - auditdata

Raising awareness, improving lives

Tapping into life’s soundtrack amplifies human connection and reconnects people to their environments, making every sound a meaningful part of the story. Auditdata champions that hearing aids are less about impairment and more about engagement with life.

Our Journey So Far


Auditdata was founded in 1992, setting out to enhance audiology clinic workflows for superior hearing care. We launched Auditbase, our clinic management system for hospital hearing clinics, achieving a significant step in advancing audiology care.


During this period, Auditdata ventured into hardware for testing and fitting, while still leveraging software as our core strength. The year 2016 marked a turning point with Gro Capital acquiring a 46% stake, becoming our principal shareholder and signaling a strategic shift towards enhancing our software-driven, connected audiology solutions for both public and private sectors.


Auditdata's revenue grew organically by 20%, a testament to our innovation and leadership in hearing healthcare solutions. This growth was further underscored when Specsavers chose us as their partner for audiology practice management software, a collaboration set to commence in 2023. This partnership not only highlights our position as industry innovators but also promises to enhance our offerings and market presence.


We collaborated with WS Audiology to introduce Measure, a new audiometer and fitting unit, reflecting our dedication to improving audiology care. Additionally, our partnership with Specsavers led to the launch of a new cloud-based Practice Management System (PMS) for hearing clinics in the UK and Australia.

Guided By Our Core Values


Attentive & Active

Our customers have always been at the heart of our business. We strive to be attentive to both patients and businesses by observing, listening, and collaborating on solutions that best serve all parties’ needs. However, we also go beyond just listening to our closest allies. We actively work to uplift the entire industry, using our platform to also reduce the stigma associated with hearing impairment.

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Transparent & Trusted

Openness and honesty are hallmarks of Danish culture, and we are rooted in those values in everything we do. We take a straightforward approach to common industry hurdles like closed-off processes, black-boxed practices, and lack of patient insight, establishing ourselves as a reliable, independent partner. It is through being open that we earn our role as a trusted part of their operations.


Resourceful & Generous

We strive toward turning great patient care into a long-lasting business relationship. That relationship is based on solid expertise and a deep understanding of the full patient journey, as well as our clients' commercial considerations. We are eager, committed to, and responsible for our customers' success. That means we are also generous in sharing what we learn and investing our time into ensuring our customers can get the most value out of our partnership.

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Cutting-edge & Compassionate

We are driven by our curiosity about data, passion for technology, and agile mindset. Our nimble approach allows us to pioneer solutions that will challenge and transform the hearing care industry while staying relevant to our customers' needs. However, we are never cold in our writing or interactions. We acknowledge our role as support for caregivers, and we aim to inspire our audiences to provide the best care experiences for their patients.

Provide Best Care Experiences To Every Patient At Every Touchpoint

Learn how we supports hearing care professionals and patients across the entire customer journey, from early screening and detection through fitting and follow-ups.