Bridging the gap between clinical care and business excellence 

We help hearing care providers improve clinical care and customer satisfaction and in turn drive their business performance and growth. Our data-driven, connected solutions cater to all steps of the customer journey and fit the needs of any audiology business, whether you have one or hundreds of locations. 

Auditdata wins two prestigious Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™

Auditdata wins two awards for our practice management software and audiological equipment and software. "We have spent significant time, effort, and energy developing these innovative solutions that are helping many audiology businesses succeed.” said Kurt Bager, CEO at Auditdata.

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Our story

Auditdata transforms the way hearing care providers can manage and provide services to people with hearing loss. With data-driven solutions catering to all touchpoints of the audiology customer journey, Auditdata helps you take a proactive approach to achieve excellence in the way you deliver patient care and run your audiology business.

Whether you want to increase lead generation, optimize clinical testing and fitting processes or better understand key customer touchpoints, we have a solution to help you optimize and grow your hearing care business. These solutions are strong alone, but even more powerful when you make them work in concert with each other. 

With Auditdata by your side, you can outperform the status quo in hearing care by gaining visibility and deep insights, empowering you and your team to measure what matters, drive accountability, and take action. Established in 1992, we have 30 years of experience working with retail and hospital audiology. More than 5,000 clinics with +10,000 users already use our software on a daily basis. 

Our purpose

At Auditdata, we want to drive a new era of data-driven productivity transforming the ability of hearing care providers to get more customers, meet their needs better, improve clinical care and run a more efficient business operation. Our vision is to drive change in our industry and make hearing care providers the best they can be empowering them to reconnect more people with hearing loss to the world. 

Listen to our CEO, Kurt Bager, talk about the dynamics of our industry and the key problems that Auditdata is addressing.

The principles that guide us

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We strive to be attentive to both patients and businesses by observing, listening, and collaborating on solutions that best serve all parties’ needs.

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We take a straightforward approach based on openness and honesty to common industry hurdles like closed-off processes, black-boxed practices, and lack of patient insight, establishing ourselves as a reliable, independent partner.

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We build relationships based on solid expertise and deep understanding of the full customer journey. We are eager, committed to and responsible for our customers' success.

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We are driven by our curiosity about data, passion for technology and agile mindset. Our approach allows us to pioneer solutions that will challenge and transform the hearing care industry.


retail audiology clinics across the world use our software every day.


Countries served incl. US, Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many more.


are satisfied with our customer support.


years of experience in retail and hospital audiology software development and audiometry.

Our history

Auditdata was founded in 1992 as a software company focused entirely on optimizing the workflows that audiology clinics use to provide better care to people with hearing loss. This remains a key part of our DNA today.

Initially, we focused on hospital hearing clinics helping them work smarter with our Auditbase clinic management system that was launched in 1993. The main issue we addressed was workflows and the elimination of errors due to multiple systems with poor synchronization of data. Since then, we have worked with our public audiology customers to improve Auditbase and we now have a leading market position across Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

From 2010 and onwards we moved into hardware-oriented testing and fitting solutions, though still with software as the core differentiator. Meanwhile, we also launched a cloud-based OMS aimed at private hearing care clinics and with the 2017 acquisition of Simply Hearing Software Inc. this offering was significantly strengthened in terms of global presence and knowledge about enterprise level solutions for large audiology retailers.

In 2016, the investment firm Gro Capital acquired 46% of Auditdata becoming the main shareholder. This marked an important milestone in our company and a shift in strategy focused on maturing Auditdata to deliver cutting-edge software-driven and connected audiology solutions to both public and private sector audiology customers.

Over the last years, Auditdata has repositioned itself to deliver an improved software offering that lets retail customers integrate data captured from audiometric testing and fitting processes with the practice management software that clinics use to run their business including areas such as lead generation and customer retention.

Making data available through closer integration allows for advanced business intelligence and correlated analytics. The result is an unprecedented solution, empowering customers to increase sales, generate new leads, improve efficiency and treatment quality and, ultimately, help people with hearing loss.