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Auditdata Engage offers customization and flexibility around testing protocols

With Engage, you may offer several screening test protocols or create a unique testing protocol using the background settings. For instance, if pulse, warble, or pulse warble pure tones are to be used, and frequencies to test 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, and 6 kHz, this spread of frequencies allows early identification of hearing loss that will impact speech audibility.

Determine how your screening test should be performed

Hearing care businesses can determine how the test should be performed. Threshold determination can be customized, designating corresponding values for some or significant hearing loss range. There is also flexibility to determine the weighting of particular frequencies used to calculate a PTA.  

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Testing protocol configuration options:

  • Threshold determination – Choose the setting that specifies threshold determination, e.g., 2 responses out of 3 stimuli or 3 responses out of 5 stimuli
  • Stimulus Type – Choose from the available Tone, Pulse, Warble, or PulseWarble options 
  • Volume – Select the volume of the sounds presented during a hearing test 
  • Initial ascending step – Decide on the dB step size (e.g., 10 or 20dB) for the first increase in the intensity of the sound  
  • Ascending step – Determine all subsequent increases in sound intensity 
  • Initial descending step – Choose the dB step size for the first decrease in the intensity of the sound  
  • Descending step – Determine all subsequent decreases in sound intensity  
  • Fixed-length tone option – Allow users to keep tone duration the same or make it varied

Our out of the box solution exceeds industry standards

Use an iPad with our calibrated headsets and easy-to-follow workflows to ensure accurate processes and results. Engage also provides full control over the testing screens, including the ability to customize the explanations, stimulus type, threshold determination setting, the volume of the sounds presented, and much more. Thanks to our noise levels and calibrated headsets, you can use the screener in a variety of settings where it would otherwise be impossible to get usable results. If possible, a quiet environment is recommended.

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