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Utilize our Measure Software, formerly known as Primus, to elevate clinical efficiency and enrich patient care. Explore our newly redesigned user interface and benefit from robust quality control features that guarantee compliance with regulations and protocols, irrespective of the healthcare provider or clinic location. Enhance your clinical workflows with data-driven insights, freeing up invaluable time while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction.

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Unique Software Features

New Design. Same Accuracy. Easier Navigation.

Guide and Monitor your Clinical Workflows

Streamline your day-to-day clinical processes with Measure Software, enabling you to consistently deliver high quality service to customers. Our clinical workflow feature makes it possible to create and customize ways of working to suit your clinical best practices and easily transition between tests.

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Auditdata Measure Software Workflows Feature

With Measure workflows, you can

  • Improve the quality of diagnostic assessment
  • Ease onboarding of new staff 
  • Enhance the current clinical practice

Reminders and Notification to Drive Positive Decisions

When working with Measure Software, hearing care professionals can rely on and be guided with visual notifications and reminders to help them provide quicker, more accurate, and higher-quality audiometry with complete confidence. Real-time clinical audiometric quality measures and highlighted nudging help an audiologist track audiometric quality, act immediately, and ultimately ensure a good quality starting point for the hearing intervention to be provided.

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Nudging Feature Manage Software

Type of notifications and reminders to configure:

  • Missing stimuli 
  • Missing inter-octave frequency 
  • Missing mandatory frequencies 
  • Masking recommended
  • Consistency issue

Effortless Customization and Seamless Distribution

Share files containing settings, test definitions, and workflows seamlessly across multiple testing and fitting units, eliminating manual configurations. Tailor the software to achieve centralized distribution, ensuring consistency and efficiency in all clinics.

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Auditdata Cloud Configuration

Modular Design

Tailored to Your Clinic

Design Your Own Software Modules Package to Your Needs.  

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Experience the perfect synergy of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Elevate patient care, streamline workflows, and achieve outstanding results. Discover how our innovative solutions can revolutionize your audiology practice and generate leads for your business. Take the first step towards unlocking your practice's full potential by contacting us now.

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