Are You Ready to Provide Best Care Experiences To All Patients?

We work hand-in-hand with customers to transform the way they manage and deliver care to people with hearing loss. We can help you:

  • Bridge the gap from prospect to patient (Engage)

  • Ensure accurate hearing assessments and fittings (Measure)

  • Spend the minutes where they matter (Manage)

Auditdata enables hearing care professionals, clinics, and hospitals to dispense the best care for their patients through data-driven software, hardware, and services that improve operational efficiency and enrich the patient-provider relationship.

Offering Solutions Across The Entire Hearing Care Journey

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iPad-based Hearing Screener

Auditdata Engage is an iPad self-screening solution that can be used anywhere to build a pipeline of prequalified leads.

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Audiological Equipment & Software

Auditdata Measure is a portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software that will take your clinical performance to the next level.

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Practice Management Software

Auditdata Manage is a cloud-based practice management software built to run, optimize and scale your audiology business.

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Years of experience in retail and hospital audiology software development and audiometry.


Of our clients are satisfied with our customer support


Countries served incl. US, Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many more.


Private audiology clinics across the world use our software every day.

Guided By Our Core Values


Attentive & Active

Our customers have always been at the heart of our business. We strive to be attentive to both patients and businesses by observing, listening, and collaborating on solutions that best serve all parties’ needs. However, we also go beyond just listening to our closest allies. We actively work to uplift the entire industry, using our platform to also reduce the stigma associated with hearing impairment.

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Transparent & Trusted

Openness and honesty are hallmarks of Danish culture, and we are rooted in those values in everything we do. We take a straightforward approach to common industry hurdles like closed-off processes, black-boxed practices, and lack of patient insight, establishing ourselves as a reliable, independent partner. It is through being open that we earn our role as a trusted part of their operations.


Resourceful & Generous

We strive toward turning great patient care into a long-lasting business relationship. That relationship is based on solid expertise and a deep understanding of the full patient journey, as well as our clients' commercial considerations. We are eager, committed to, and responsible for our customers' success. That means we are also generous in sharing what we learn and investing our time into ensuring our customers can get the most value out of our partnership.

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Cutting-edge & Compassionate

We are driven by our curiosity about data, passion for technology, and agile mindset. Our nimble approach allows us to pioneer solutions that will challenge and transform the hearing care industry while staying relevant to our customers' needs. However, we are never cold in our writing or interactions. We acknowledge our role as support for caregivers, and we aim to inspire our audiences to provide the best care experiences for their patients.

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