Enabling You to Provide Best Care Experience to All Patients at All Times

At Auditdata, we provide software, hardware, and services that enable the best care for patients—before, during, and after treatment. Through innovative, data-driven technology, Auditdata connects the customer journey to enhance comfort and trust between individual patients and the hearing care professionals working closest to them.

Delivering Solutions Across the Entire Hearing Journey


Auditdata aims to close the hearing impairment gap by providing the tools to facilitate smooth and accurate screenings. A seamless journey from booking to fitting, Auditdata helps manage appointments and optimize resources from the beginning.

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Auditdata empowers more meaningful face time with patients. Our software and hardware utilize data and AI to enable more effective and accurate detection, as well as streamline and optimize administration for more elevated patient care.

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Auditdata’s structured protocol of follow-ups, birthday reminders, and easy integration with marketing tools transform tedious tasks into a smooth routine to meet best care standards and minimize returns.

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Raising Awareness of Hearing Impairment

To support early screening, Auditdata Engage is an audiology self-screening solution that enables hearing care professionals to engage with potential customers, qualify valuable leads earlier, and begin developing a tailored customer experience.

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Ending the Stigma

Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to creating content that shines a light on hearing loss, aiming to raise awareness and dismantle the stigma associated with it. From insightful articles to educational materials, our goal has been to foster understanding and support for those affected by hearing loss.

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Personal Stories

As a leading provider of audiology solutions, we see it as our responsibility to raise awareness about the consequences of undetected hearing loss. We have interviewed individuals who experience hearing loss and wanted to share their stories.

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"So far, 2Ø has done over 400 screenings with Engage, out of which 31 % showed signs of hearing loss. We designed 2Ø so people could come in off the street, have a great experience, and immediately get the hearing solutions they need. We make it as easy to get hearing aids as it is to get glasses."

Rasmus From 2Ø Auditdata Customer Story

Rasmus, Founder of 2Ø, Denmark


Free Up Time Where It Matters

Auditdata works to transform testing and fitting into a comfortable experience by empowering hearing care professionals with more meaningful face time. Auditdata’s Manage and Measure solution utilize data and AI to enable more effective and accurate detection, as well as streamline and optimize administration for more elevated patient care.

Free up time where it matters

Manage - Practice Management Software

With paperless protocols and streamlined patient management, Auditdata Manage lets hearing care professionals focus on what matters. Manage is a market-leading and fully cloud-based, data-driven practice management software specifically built for the needs of the audiology industry.

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Measure - Portfolio of Audiological Solutions

Empowering people living with hearing impairment begins with efficient and accurate testing and fitting. Auditdata Measure is a suite of audiological equipment that connects to a modular, PC-based clinical audiometry software system.

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"Auditdata's support has been nothing short of remarkable, it is refreshing to interact with a team that genuinely values our feedback and actively works to make improvements. This level of care makes us feel more like partners than just customers. With Manage, Auditdata is going to be miles ahead of the competition for a few years. Why would anyone go for any other systems? It just wouldn't make sense because Manage is intuitive and easy to use."

Adam Chell Testimonial

Adam Chell

Founder, Whitstable Hearing


Successful Hearing Aid Adoption With Structured Follow-Ups

Empowering hearing care professionals to provide exceptional aftercare services, our audiology software, Auditdata Manage, guides patients toward successful hearing aid adoption with a structured follow-up protocol. Follow-ups, birthday reminders, and easy integration with marketing tools transform tedious tasks into a smooth routine. More than 50% of all hearing aids are returned by customers due to poor fit or comfort, but Auditdata’s approach ensures appropriate goals and follow-ups are provided to meet best care standards and minimize returns.

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Engage with Existing Patients

Enhancing patient experience extends beyond fitting hearing aids; it involves re-engaging those we've previously assisted. These existing clients, already familiar with their hearing needs, offer a unique opportunity to deepen care through personalized communication.

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Follow-up And Hearing Aid Adoption

Our insights delve into the critical importance of aftercare in the patient’s hearing aid journey. We highlight the power of exceptional aftercare services, which not only guide patients towards a successful hearing aid adoption but also establish a structured, goal-oriented approach.

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Provide Best Care Experiences To Every Patient At Every Touchpoint

Learn how we supports hearing care professionals and patients across the entire customer journey, from early screening and detection through fitting and follow-ups.


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Countries served incl. US, Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many more.


Private audiology clinics across the world use our software every day.

Enabling You to Deliver Best Care Experiences

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We care, across the journey and beyond

Auditdata connects the customer journey from initial testing to aftercare to make every touchpoint between patient and hearing care professional a more positive experience.

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Freeing up time where it matters

Hearing care professionals can spend more time where it matters when they streamline their clinic operations, and patients receive better consultations, easing the process from screening to fitting.

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Raising awareness, improving lives

Tapping into life’s soundtrack amplifies human connection and reconnects people to their environments, making every sound a meaningful part of the story. Auditdata champions that hearing aids are less about impairment and more about engagement with life.


Designed for the future of hearing care

Auditdata’s product portfolio and management services are also designed to easily integrate into the workflows of audiologists, acting as an extension of their care without compromising on the quality.

Trusted By Leading Hearing Care Providers

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