Changing the world of hearing ear by ear

We help hearing care providers improve clinical care and drive their business performance and growth. Our award-winning and data-driven solutions cater to customers in all stages of the hearing care lifecycle. By analyzing and activating data, we can help more people experiencing hearing loss, ear by ear.

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Local business solutions for a global hearing industry

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Award-winning solutions

Auditdata wins two prestigious Hearing Technology Innovator Award™

In October 2022, Auditdata won two prestigious Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™, one for its best-in-class Practice Management Software (PMS), Manage, and the other for Measure, its portfolio of audiological equipment run by advanced software. Auditdata’s award-winning portfolio of solutions makes it easier, faster, and more accurate for audiology professionals to do their jobs.

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Countries served incl. US, Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many more.


retail audiology clinics across the world use our software every day.

Understanding your customer's hearing care journey

Improve your business across all four critical stages

We bridge the gap between clinical care and business excellence

At Auditdata, we want to drive a new era of data-driven productivity transforming the ability of hearing care providers to get more customers, meet their needs better, improve clinical care and run a more efficient business operation.

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Trusted by leading hearing care providers

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"One of the biggest benefits we’ve found is having information stored in the cloud, so we can access it from all locations. With Auditdata’s solutions, our employees can log in from home to reschedule appointments if we need to close any clinics due to weather or any other reason."

Sylvia Tavares, Clinic Operations Manager

Hear Right Canada

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Global Hearing Aid Clinic

"When it comes to a practice management software, your time is worth so much more than the cost of the database."

Stephen Jones, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Global Hearing Aid Clinic

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New Look Vision (1)

"Compared to leads from a regular hearing clinic, we pick up the customers with our hearing screener, much earlier in their mental journey and they are still in their denial phase. Education, support and awareness is important for these customers. "

Katie Ball

New Look Visoon


"Auditdata Engage has been a great new way for us to generate leads. During a short period of time we have performed hundreds of screenings and this has turned into valuable appointments."

Ewa Mikuła

Marketing Manager, Geers Polska part of Sonova in Poland.

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"We use a clinical process or workflow in Primus to give the best quality to every client that comes in, and to ensure the same high quality across all clinics and employees. No matter which hearing center a customer visits, they will start at the same point, go through the same journey, and will end up with the best possible hearing solutions to meet their specific needs."

Lore Heylen

Hoorcentrum Aerts

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Handbook for audiology professionals

Learn how to improve the customer journey end-to-end by gathering and activating data in every step of the hearing care journey. With our free guide, you'll get more WOW-moments with your clients.

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The data-driven customer journey in hearing care - Auditdata
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