Transforming hearing care

We empower audiology organisations to meet the needs of the future of hearing care by delivering intelligent digital solutions. We transform businesses and organisations helping the industry to embrace the e-hearing care technology of tomorrow. We are THE Audiology Software Company, offering powerful system integration to give you complete strategic vision.

Enabling strategic vision to be data-driven

The future of the hearing healthcare business will be challenging; business success will depend on strategic vision. Auditdata systems will ensure that your strategic vision is entirely data-driven.

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Whether it is a single practice or a global multi-national business, the key to success is the smooth management of your business and your customers. Auditdata provides practice management tools and audiological equipment that will ensure the smooth running of your business and drive your success.

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Public audiology clinics are under increasing pressure through increased workloads and the demands of reducing waiting lists. Auditdata provides a clinic management solution that is the European industry standard. We also offer audiological equipment designed to optimise your workflow and reduce complexity.

Intelligent solutions meeting changing needs

New technologies in hearing healthcare will offer the opportunity to query and manipulate unprecedented levels of data. Remote fitting, computer-aided rehabilitation strategies and patient feedback systems will all provide new levels of information.

With nearly 30 years of experience in audiology software, Auditdata has the expertise to provide systems and integration strategies to help you turn that information into data-driven decisions.

Making it easy for you

We are in the business of re-thinking and optimizing the audiology business and the data that drives it. We want to help you to succeed, to reach your goals through smart and accessible digital transformation.

That’s why we deliver complete, easy to implement solutions.

We will help you achieve seamless integration between clinical and commercial systems that will give you the freedom to focus on what’s essential for you, caring for your patients, shaping your business, ensuring your investments and planning for the future.

Software Strato Screens

Practice Management Solutions

We provide clinic management software for both hospital and retail audiology that are designed with reduced workflow and ease of use in mind. They are all designed to manage the complexity of a fast-moving clinic, with the ease of use in mind.


Measurement Solutions

Whether you are looking for PC based or traditional audiological equipment, we have a solution that will suit you. We provide reliable screening, diagnostic testing & fitting solutions that will meet all of your needs.

Measurement equipment Primus Ototvation

We know hearing care

Since 1992, we have delivered complete solutions tailored to both public and private audiology. Audiology is part of our DNA. Today we are a global leading independent provider of cutting-edge e-solutions. That’s why you can trust us to help you to transform your business.

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