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Language selection for users can be automatic or chosen manually. This means your clinic solution can support many languages at the same time without the overhead of running multiple versions of the software.​

Clinic personnel are more productive and accurate when they understand the application; therefore are more likely to view the application positively.​

The application process workflows are consistent regardless of language; resulting in accordant standardized data with repeatable business processes. Ultimately, this provides a better experience for your customers.


Appointment Scheduling

Auditdata Manage makes it easy to optimize the schedules for your providers, locations and resources. Unmatched in the industry, our advanced resource scheduling allows you to maximize the availability of your rooms, equipment and staff.   

  • Book, move and cancel appointments
  • Enable availability and block scheduling
  • Review appointment booking statistics
  • Manage appointment reminders
  • Customize your scheduling view

Watch video about the Scheduler in Manage.


How to boost revenue with resource optimisation

Did you know that optimizing your schedules can be one of the most efficient ways to maximize your revenue? We have designed this guide to assist retail audiology businesses in optimising their schedules for success. Following five steps will help organise a scheduling strategy that maximises revenue, delivers opportunities and visualises all staff and resource availability across an enterprise.

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One of the most labor-intensive processes faced by hearing organizations globally is staying on top of reimbursement claims and their status.

Auditdata Manage makes it easy, allowing you to track pricing and benefit codes for the items you sell, third-party claims, and the status of each. ​

Used globally, we provide full support for the following:​

  • Canadian Insurance Billing (ADP, WSIB, WCB, VAC, ODSP, NIHB, AADL)​
  • HSP – Australia​
  • Medicare - Australia​
  • ACC - New Zealand​
  • Enable - New Zealand​
  • HCFA - United States​
  • and more!

Inventory Management

Auditdata Manage provides you complete inventory control, from hearing aids to consumables, serialized items to services in one easy-to-use area. Integrated stock handling allows you to manage your entire inventory, providing visibility across multiple locations.

  • Categorize your Inventory 
  • Provide Detailed Serialized Tracking
  • Set Up Default Warranty Periods
  • Configure Pricing
  • Price by Location
  • Configure Costs and Cost Levels
  • Track Devices Options
  • Configure Barcode Scanning
  • Allow Inventory Transfers
  • Improve Stocktake Functionality

Watch video about Inventory Management in Manage.

Get a live demo 

If you're even the tiniest bit curious about Auditdata Manage you should definitely make time to get a live demo. It is the best possible intro to Auditdata Manage - right from your own screen.