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What is Speech in noise (SIN)?

Speech In Noise (SIN) is undertaken as Speech Audiometry with a background noise present. The most commonly used assessment undertaken in this format is QuickSIN which was developed by Etymotic Research this is largely due to the ease in which it is distributed. Other assessments can be performed with Adult clients and this can be adapted based on their language ability as well as hearing ability.

Speech Measurement Main Screen

Why use SIN?

Difficulty with hearing in background noise is a common complaint among hearing aid users. Therefore, the measurement of SNR loss (signal-to-noise ratio loss) is important because a person's ability to understand speech in noise cannot be reliably predicted from the pure tone audiogram.

How to perform SIN?

Performing Speech In Noise tests are done depending on the full instructions of the specific test. All tests should be performed in a Soundproof room with a qualified Audiology professional.

Speech in noise (SIN)

Necessary equipment

Our equipment is run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.