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Discover the Future of Hearing Assessments: Unlocking Precision and Innovation

Our comprehensive suite of hardware and audiometry software solutions is designed to revolutionize the field of hearing assessment. Our cutting-edge technology combines advanced hardware and sophisticated software to empower hearing professionals to achieve unparalleled precision and innovation in the evaluation of auditory capabilities.

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Our Suite of Audiometry Solutions for Hearing Assessments

This suite offers a holistic approach to hearing evaluations, combining key equipment like audiometers, otoscopes, and tympanometers with specialized software to ensure thorough and precise assessments. Select what you would like to perform below. 

Hearing Assessment And Fitting Unit Auditdata Measure

Pure-Tone Audiometry

The Measure audiometer is a highly configurable Type I device, capable of comprehensive hearing assessment to ensure thorough evaluations. This enables you to identify potential hearing issues, tailor interventions, and provide your patients with a higher level of care, ensuring their auditory well-being across the entire spectrum of sounds.

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Video Otosccope Auditdata Measure


By conducting otoscopy, audiologists can identify obstructions, infections, or anatomical irregularities that may impact hearing health. This visual precision not only guides accurate diagnoses but also enables tailored and effective interventions. Otoscopy empowers hearing care professionals to embark on a journey toward precise and personalized patient-centric care.

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Immittance measurements, including tympanometry and acoustic reflex tests, aid in detecting middle ear issues such as fluid accumulation, blockages, or abnormalities that might affect hearing. This quantitative approach, combined with other assessment techniques, forms a holistic understanding of auditory health, allowing for tailored interventions that prioritize each patient's unique needs.

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Experience our New Audiometer & Fitting Unit

Our sleek and stackable audiometer and fitting unit seamlessly integrates into any clinic decor, optimizing space while maintaining a modern aesthetic. With advanced features like portability and precise diagnostic capabilities, our audiometer revolutionizes testing and increases efficiency and accuracy.

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Measure Software

We Offer The Most Common Types of Hearing Assessment Tests

Our cutting-edge Measure Software provides a comprehensive range of standard hearing assessment tests. What sets our software apart is its modular design, empowering clinicians to tailor their software package with specific modules that suit their preferences. This approach ensures a resilient and personalized experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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Pure-Tone Audiometry

Pure-tone testing is the gold standard, ear-specific measure of hearing acuity. It is performed by finding the quietest sound each ear can detect at different pitches and volumes.


Bone Conduction

Bone conduction audiometry testing helps an audiologist determine the nature of hearing loss, whether it is in the inner, outer, or middle ear.

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Audiometric Masking

Audiometric masking is performed to verify the accuracy of pure tone audiometry by isolating the ears acoustically. The non-tester is exposed to masking noise and is therefore unable to to assist the test ear.

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Auto-Hughson Westlake

Measure offers automatized Hughson-Westlake audiometry that can be used as a screening tool for adult patients.

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Speech Audiometry

Speech audiometry is used to assess a client's ability to recognize and understand speech. This is important as people with hearing loss report speech as their most difficult area.

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Speech-In-Noise (SIN)

Speech in noise testing is a more advanced speech test used to understand a patient's ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise. A series of words or sentences are played along a background of various types of noise.

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The QuickSIN is a speech-in-noise test that quickly and easily measures the ability to hear in noise. The QuickSIN test should be used on all adult patients as part of the audiometric test battery.

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Measure offers the classic Weber test using a bone conductor transducer. The Weber test is suitable for quick screening for unilateral conductive or sensorineural hearing loss.

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TEN Test

The Threshold Equalizing Noise (TEN) test is used to identify dead regions in the cochlea. The TEN signal masks hair cells that may pick up the pure tone signal adjacent to the dead region.

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SISI is a test designed to determine the nature of sensorineural hearing impairment - cochlear or retrocochlear. Patients are asked to recognize 1 dB increase in intensity during a series of pure tone bursts.

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Free Field

Free field audiometry provides clinics the ability to assess individuals who are unable to wear headphones of any kind. This is particularly useful for pediatric patients and patients with additional needs.

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Otoscopy is a fundamental diagnostic procedure used to examine the external ear canal and the eardrum (tympanic membrane). This visual examination provides valuable insights into the health and condition of the ear.

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Tympanometry is a diagnostic procedure used to assess the condition and functionality of the middle ear. It measures how effectively the sound is transferred from the eardrum, via the middle ear, into the inner ear and cochlea.

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