Speech mapping

Speech mapping allows you to quickly and easily validate the fitting of a hearing aid using real speech. The use of familiar sounds in combination with probe microphones has proven exceptionally efficient in getting the most accurate personal fit and verification.

Enhance your fitting with Primus speech mapping

The biggest concern of your clients is about hearing speech, especially speech on noise. Speech mapping is an easy way of measuring the hearing instrument performance in the ear using real speech.

Empowering your clients with a clear visual sense of their hearing loss and the aided benefits as they relate to actual speech.

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Helping your clients understand the benefits

The visual nature of speech mapping allows your clients to understand the benefits of their hearing instrument better with intuitive, easy to understand graphics.

With the Primus speech mapping module, you can also demonstrate hearing instrument benefits objectively, such as noise reduction, directionality, frequency lowering as examples. Showing your clients that their hearing instruments are delivering what they need.

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As professional reap the edges

Use Percentile analysis to view how speech (i.e. the ISTS) is processed by the hearing instruments you are fitting. The percentile curves clearly reveal if any speech peaks (99th percentile) are too close to your clients. UCL causing discomfort and /or if the speech valleys (30th percentile) are audible.

Percentile analysis hereby provides means to adjust the hearing instruments for both the loud and the soft parts of a speech signal, ensuring that individual fittings using real speech in a quick a accurate!

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Building blocks to power your clinical performance

Whether you're doing testing and fitting at your clinic or on the move, you need flexible and connected solutions that make clinical data available to other systems. With seamless integration to Noah and a modular architecture, Auditdata Measure makes it possible to add the specific modules you need, e.g. video otoscopy, REM, speech mapping or others.

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