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Unlock Personalized Sound with Hearing Aid Fittings

Our hearing instrument fitting solution is designed to provide a higher quality care experience for patients that reduces your clinic's hearing aid returns. By combining advanced hardware and software modules, we ensure that individuals with hearing loss receive personalized and precise fittings, leading to improved satisfaction and a reduced need for subsequent adjustments and appointments.

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Our Suite of Solutions for Hearing Aid Fitting

This suite offers a holistic approach to hearing aid fittings, combining key equipment like our audiometer and fitting unit and hearing instrument testbox with specialized software to ensure thorough and precise fittings. Select what you would like to perform below.  

Hearing Instrument Testing And Hearing Aid Fitting

Real Ear Measurement

Sometimes can be called a probe microphone measurement. This is a method of assessing sound pressure levels in the ear canal using a calibrated probe tube. Real ear measurements take into account the unique acoustic properties of a patient's ear canal to ensure a personalized and optimal hearing aid fitting.

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Speech Mapping

Speech mapping allows you to quickly and easily validate the fitting of a hearing aid pitch by pitch using real speech. Using familiar sounds in combination with probe microphones ensures that each patient receives an accurate and personalized fit.

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Hearing Instrument Testing

Hearing Instrument Testing is vital for evaluating hearing aids, testing parameters like frequency response and distortion. This meticulous process ensures tailored, effective solutions for individuals with hearing impairment, enhancing their quality of life and communication. A Hearing Instrument Test device can also be used for RECD measurements, to facilitate REM-based fittings on infants or patients with special needs.

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Experience our New Audiometer & Fitting Unit

Our sleek and stackable audiometer and fitting unit seamlessly integrates into any clinic decor, optimizing space while maintaining a modern aesthetic. With advanced features like portability and precise diagnostic capabilities, our audiometer revolutionizes testing and increases efficiency and accuracy.

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Measure Software

Elevate Hearing Assessments and Fittings

Our cutting-edge Measure Software provides a comprehensive range of standard hearing assessment tests. What sets our software apart is its modular design, empowering clinicians to tailor their software package with specific modules that suit their preferences. This approach ensures a resilient and personalized experience that perfectly aligns with your needs.

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REM Screen

Transform Your Audiology Practice Today!

Experience the perfect synergy of cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Elevate patient care, streamline workflows, and achieve outstanding results. Discover how our innovative solutions can revolutionize your audiology practice and generate leads for your business. Take the first step towards unlocking your practice's full potential by contacting us now.

Considerations During Hearing Aid Fittings 

More of Measure

Explore The Measure Suite Of Solutions For: 

Hearing Assessment

If you're searching for a solution that can provide comprehensive and accurate evaluations of patients' hearing capabilities, our hearing assessment suite is designed for you. Seamlessly administer a wide range of audiological tests, from pure-tone audiometry to bone conduction, otoscopy and tympanometry, with cutting-edge technology.

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Clinical and Fleet Reporting

If you're eager to tap into powerful analytics and performance metrics, our clinical and fleet reporting tools offer in-depth insights into your practice's health. Track key performance indicators, measure outcomes, and identify areas for improvement.

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Services for Clinic Operations

If you aim to maximize your clinic's operational efficiency with minimal downtime, our transducer swap service and comprehensive training programs are perfect solutions for you. Enjoy uninterrupted operations and receive tailored support from our team of experts.

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