Involving The Significant Other In Audiology Decisions

Involving the significant other in Audiology decisions

Hearing loss doesn't only affect one person, it affects everyone around you. By focusing on the significant other in the purchase situation it should have a beneficial effect on your bottom line.

There is a considerable move towards family-centred care in the broader audiology world. Involving family members as support during a hearing test makes perfect sense and has been an accepted strategy for many years, but the specifics of how to approach it remain complicated. .

The involvement of family members in the consultation and the ongoing process will not just help your customers, it should have a beneficial effect on your bottom line. It will support the purchase decision and help you to reduce cancellations, and we have designed tools within our Auditdata Measure system to make sure that happens.

The purchase decision

The decision to purchase a hearing aid is a complex one, and most customers will not decide without the input of family members. For family members to support the purchase decision, they need to understand the effects of the loss, the benefits of the treatment and the reasonable expectations of differing levels of hearing aid technology.

Hearing loss affects the entire family

An untreated hearing loss has a broader effect on the family. It affects everyone who has regular contact with the person with hearing loss. Communication problems frustrate everyone involved, and often there is frustration at what is perceived as denial. It can be difficult for people who have not experienced hearing loss to understand what their loved one is going through. Audiologists are in a unique position to help bridge that gap in understanding.

People with hearing loss want to know the why, when and how. While the person with hearing loss can recognize the impact, they often don’t understand the mechanism of the damage and why it affects them in the way it does. The family of the sufferer may not realize the frustration of being able to hear a voice but not understand what is being said, or the feeling of being isolated in a room full of loved ones. Helping the family understand the effects of hearing loss helps them to understand the issues their loved one faces.

Involving The Significant Other In Audiology Decisions1

Live demonstration of hearing aids

Auditdata Measure employs live speech mapping to further demonstrate the benefit of a hearing solution to a patient’s loved ones. Live speech mapping can be used to not only validate the fitting of hearing aids but also to visually display and enforce the benefits they offer.

Live speech mapping can be used to demonstrate visual proof of the benefit provided by advanced features such as noise reduction. Using the speech-in-noise element within the speech mapping module allows you to show the benefits where the customer has the most difficulty.

The demonstration of hearing loss and benefit ensures that the customer can make a knowledge-based decision. It also ensures that the significant other understands all that they need to support that purchase decision.

Hearing Loss Simulator

The hearing loss simulator delivers both a visual and audio representation of the hearing loss. The audio element offers a clear audio demonstration of the hearing loss and its effects on the understanding of speech, allowing the customer’s family to finally understand what effect the hearing loss has on the understanding of speech. This indeed is one of those so-called wow moments.

Like all wow moments, it is a moment of realisation; it is also a moment that reinforces the need for a solution. It is a powerful supporting moment in the purchase decision process, with no sales pitch involved.

If you want to know more about what Auditdata Measure or Speech Mapping and the potential to use it as a counselling tool, please contact us for more information.

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