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Opt-in handling to stay GDPR compliant

Opt-in handling of customer consent makes sure that you are in the clear by only sending direct mail, email messages or SMS communications to clients who have opted-in for these marketing types. Marketing methods can be easily selected or de-selected by accessing the Marketing tab within the Manage Patient Information screen.


Campaign Tracking

The Manage platform allows you to enable prompting for campaign codes in various areas of the system such as within the appointment scheduler or on an invoice.When enabled users will be prompted to enter which marketing campaign brought your patient in for a specific visit.

Marketing campaigns can be easily configured in the system. Each campaign can have a Start Date, End Date, Medium Code. Optionally additional rules can be configured for each campaign. Advanced marketing reports allow you to see which patients or leads responded to each campaign.

Client Retention

The Manage platform provides a number of ways to ensure you stay in close contact with your patients:​

  • Patient Birthday Report​
  • Patient Recalls​
  • Warranty Expiry Report​
  • Electronic Surveys​
  • SMS and Email​
  • Direct Mail Letters​
  • Campaign Report​
  • Goal Report​
  • and many more!​ ​

All of these reports and methods help to ensure you stay in close contact with each of your patients while catering to each patients unique needs.​

Notifications & Reminders

Within Manage it is possible to configure notifications for upcoming appointments and also reminders for upcoming recalls.

  • Notifications can be in the form of an SMS message or an Email. 
  • Easily configure SMS or Email reminders from within our System Configuration area. This also allows you to determine advanced rules for each message such as transmission times and much more. Each notification message can have customized text.
  • Optionally the system can be configured to receive SMS appointment confirmations for appointments and this can also be configured in the same area. It is possible to send direct SMS messages to patients from within the patient record.  

Get a live demo 

If you're even the tiniest bit curious about Auditdata Manage you should definitely make time to get a live demo. It is the best possible intro to Auditdata Manage - right from your own screen.