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What is Free Field? 

Free Field Audiometry provides the clinic an option for assessing individuals who are unable to wear headphones of any description.

Freefield Audio

Why use Free Field?

Often this form of assessment, in an unaided state, is used with the Paediatric and Additional needs populations. Where the client is wearing hearing devices then Free Field Audiometry may be used to provide an indicator of a clients response to sound where REM or RECD targets are unable to be met.

How to perform Free Field?

The use of Calibrated loudspeakers in a static system whereby more than one loudspeaker is available and is positioned at the head-height of the seated listener and directed towards the reference point, which should be a minimum of 1 metre to reduce the effects of the inverse square law. There is also the option for this to be performed using a handheld audiometer.

Necessary equipment

Our equipment is run by advanced software that lets you manage and optimize your clinical workflows based on data-driven insights.