Work smarter and faster and ensure quality of hearing care


Work smarter, faster and ensure quality of hearing care

Increasing efficiency is critical but so is quality in what you do. The integration of Primus and Auditbase offers you a straightforward and quick testing solution that allows you to move patients through the system faster with no compromises.

1. Don’t worry about set-up

Because Primus is PC based, setting it up is easy. You can be ready to go in five minutes, simply plug the unit into your PC via a USB cable, connect your power cable, and you are set. It really is as simple as that.

2. Set it up your way

Primus offers ease of use and efficiency with in-depth configuration. It is simple for you to configure the shortcut keys to match the scheme you are used to. Familiarisation is immediate from day one. You are also free to define your own audiometric testing. Choose the presets that make the most sense to you, including test frequencies, curve styles and completeness and consistency criteria.

3. Centralised control

The centralised control offered by Primus provides a simple way to push your custom settings out to all of your Primus units. In other words, you don’t need to update the settings for each machine. Simply do it once, and the network system will take care of the rest.

4. Easy centralised upgrades

The same can be said for system upgrades, because your IT department can do it centrally. Simply apply the update, and the networked system will ensure that every Primus install will be upgraded. That’s a straightforward process that means no downtime or time consuming individual upgrading of machines.

5. Instantaneous testing

Using Primus in Auditbase is fast and straightforward. Because Primus is fully integrated into Auditbase, you simply click on your measurement tab, and Primus is ready. The Primus control panel opens immediately and is superimposed on your Auditbase screen. No delays, and no need to open Noah and search for a module, simply get on with testing. Measurements are updated in real-time in your Auditbase system.

6. Multiple tests, multiple workflows, one easy user interface

Primus provides everything you need in one straightforward user interface. You don’t need to shift between Noah modules or different application windows. In this way, Primus is a simplified but powerful integrated solution. Furthermore, the modular functionality of Primus offers speech testing, pure tone testing, and Real Ear Measurements in one system.

Hospital audiology clinics are caught between a rock and a hard place. The pressure is on to reduce waiting lists and move more patients quickly through the clinic with no compromises in treatment outcomes and clinical standards. Learn how to make a positive difference for everyday productivity in your clinic.