Four Ways Smart Audiometry Can Increase Everyday Productivity in Your Clinic

Learn how to make a positive difference for everyday productivity in your clinic.

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This guide will help you to:

  • Understand and improve interaction across the key touchpoints along your customer journey.
  • Embrace and navigate digital disruption including your presence on social media and search engines.
  • Become better at converting visitors to clients with a strategy that balances clinical and commercial needs.
  • Learn how you can include client repurchase and referral to build long relationships.
  • Access a smart tool that allows you to calculate the financial impact of optimising touchpoints along your customer journey.
Four Ways To Smart Audiometry Can Increase Everyday Productivity In Your Clinic 2

More about this guide

Hospital audiology clinics are caught between a rock and a hard place. The pressure is on to reduce waiting lists and move more patients quickly through the clinic with no compromises in treatment outcomes and clinical standards. 

Health budgets, however, remain the same or are even shrinking, making time-scarcity and heavy workloads a common issue. In this environment, using audiometric equipment with poor integration to your core Auditbase hospital management application doesn’t help. 

We built Auditbase as an open platform providing you with the option to connect nearly any audiometer and fitting equipment to your system. 

Consequently, many hospital clinics use a range of different equipment in their clinics today to help them perform common diagnostic hearing assessment and fitting on patients. In many cases, this is not an ideal situation because it creates a diverse technology environment with disparate data and everyday practical challenges in efficiency and productivity.