Release 5.4.5

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In this new release we’ve concentrated on two important areas of change that are fairly technical, and don’t result in significant changes that end users will see. However, we have also made at least a couple of changes that should prove popular with many users and made some handy changes for Implant teams. Oh, and we’ve upgraded the Noah version to the highest currently available version, Noah 4.9.2.

Search Feature

Search feature in the Journal

A while ago we lost the Search feature in the Journal when we changed the main RTF control that the Journal uses. (RTF stands for Rich Text Format, as used in WordPad). Now we’ve changed the RTF control again and have made sure we could bring back the Search feature, along with a 25% improvement in the speed that the Journal can load.

Booking Module

Booking module

In the Booking module if you’re using Departments you’ll find that all restrictions and warnings on having users from different Depts in one appointment have been removed. This allows meetings containing staff from different departments to be made much more easily.

User Roles

Technical changes

The first of the two technical changes comes in replacing a group of components called XSAL2 that came from a third-party supplier. These unfortunately couldn’t work in the latest upcoming version of the development environment we use, so we’ve had to substitute them. They cover a wide area of work like table cells, encryption and compression and took a lot of effort to replace but you shouldn’t notice any change. Hopefully just some performance improvements in certain areas.

Secondly, we’ve changed the technology that User Roles are based on in order to improve reliability and performance when creating Users, since several sites reported problems in that area.

System Administrators will see a big difference in that they won’t be able to change an individual user’s rights directly anymore, they’ll need to have the user in a Role and change the rights of that Role instead. Therefore, all members of a Role will in future all have exactly the same rights. It was important to us that after the upgrade users wouldn’t see any change in their rights, so if they were part of a Role but had customized rights they’ll be removed from that Role. You’ll still see what Role they used to be in to make it easy to reallocate them. And we’ve made it easy for System Administrators to manage the change with a new Migration page to move large numbers of Users to Roles quickly. While we made this change we also made it possible to base a User on more than one Role, so you could have a basic Role for everybody then additional Roles for specialist rights.

SaLT and ToD tests

Bristol adult audiology and adult and paed implant teams are joining the Auditbase user community and the Implant Teams have commissioned some SaLT and ToD tests. At their request we’ve added the EARS, eCaLL, GFTA with Khan-Lewis and Symbolic Play tests and a different mode of data entry into the CELF School Age test. For all Implant teams we’ve also made some changes to Custom Tests to allow them to be linked to Pre-Op and Switch-on screens, enabling you to use tests that you create yourself as the baseline tests. For increased usability we’ve added the ability to open all tests directly from those two screens, so you can look into the details of the test in full without leaving either screen.

patient reports

Implant surgery overview report

Finally, for the Implant Teams we’ve created a new “Implant surgery overview” report which enables export of patients’ initial surgery and switch-on dates to Excel along with funding status, customer and consortium. This report comes from requests at the Auditbase Implant Team users meeting at Ropewalk Nottingham last November and from discussions with Addenbrookes. The report summarizes whether the patients are unilateral, bilateral sequential or bilateral simultaneous and shows the month of first implantation so that you can easily check who you should be billing maintenance for in any month. The age parameter in the report also allows you to easily report on who should be transferring from paediatric to adult teams in the upcoming period.

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