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Everything You Need to Know About Real Ear Measurements (REM)

This guide will explain why Real Ear Measurements are crucial in modern audiology and will dispel the misconceptions that may cause audiologists to avoid this test. We will also discuss the process for REMs, the benefits of this approach, and ideas to use REM in your clinics to set your business apart. This guide is relevant for: 

  • Audiologists
  • Practice Owners
  • Clinic Managers

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Inside You'll Find

  • Why Real Ear Measurements are crucial for success?
  • Looking ahead and using REM as a key differentiator
  • Misconceptions that put audiologists off
  • How to perform Real Ear Measurements

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More About This Guide

Studies have repeatedly shown that using REM during hearing aid fittings delivers better results and happier customers. Unfortunately, REMs have not been widely embraced in the audiology industry, with less than 30% of audiologists using REM to verify hearing aid fittings, even though it is recommended as the gold standard by many global professional bodies. This disconnect is startling, especially considering this approach has been proven to work exceptionally well. 

What will you gain from performing REMs? 

  • Fewer customers return hearing aids because of trouble hearing
  • Less time troubleshooting hearing aid problems 
  • More time to see new clients
  • Ultimately, happier customers and fewer returns

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