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We see our core mission as reducing complexity and providing focused up to the minute systems that offer ease of use.

As part of that mission, we continually work towards making your job easier and providing the tools that you need to succeed. Our latest Primus system update offers you new ways for you to automate your most important tasks and document your processes in an in-depth manner.

Better Centralised Control of Testing and Workflows

In our latest Primus update, we have provided the tools for you to customise each testing process. You can easily pre-configure test definitions based on the test types available within your system. You can set up a test definition for every test type available in Primus by configuring the signal type, level, transducer, masking stimulus and other options. Once the pre-configurations are set up, all of your tests will use the predefined test settings. So you won’t have to think about choosing the transducer, the signal type or any other parameter.

Primus workflow feature

Workflow Support Offering In-Depth Documentation of Processes

Primus now features a new workflow support system which guides clinicians through the necessary measurements step by step. The system allows company defined testing protocols to be defined centrally and then pushed out across an organisation.

The new workflow support tool will also provide data about process compliance to business analytics when the system is in place. If for some reason the clinician needs to vary from the workflow, they can do so easily. The system will ask them to enter a reason for the variance which will ensure that it is validly documented.

We see the system as an ideal tool for larger enterprise-level organisations allowing them to easily define best practice testing workflows and offering the safety net of in-depth documentation.

Primus Workflow

A More Integrated View of Testing Processes

Primus will now display tympanometry data in the Patient interface. The new Tympanometry Tasks module allows for the display of tympanometry measurement results from NOAH. We have designed the module to enable users to review test results and analyse data. The module does not provide the ability to conduct any tympanometric measurements in Primus.

Primus supports displaying the following types of Impedance measurements stored in Noah:

  • Tympanometry measurements
  • Reflex measurements
Tympanometry measurement

Audiometry Upgrades to Make Your Life Easier

New Severity Overlay

We have added a new Severity overlay to the Pure Tone module. It provides additional visual information on the degree of the patient’s hearing loss for quick explanations of the severity and easier Patient understanding.

masking output
korea pta calculation

A Change To Masking Outputs

The masking output is now displayed either in dbSPL (when restSPL = 0) or in dbEM (effective masking). The figure displayed depends on the type of masking noise you have selected. Effective masking means it is efficient enough to mask the stimulus signal.

More straightforward PTA Calculation For Korean Customers

Our Korean customers can now activate the alternative PTA calculation commonly used in South Korea.


New REM Speech Mapping Features

We have added two new parameters for the target rules in the REM/SM modules. You can now set the compression speed for all target rules. With the options being Slow Compression, Fast Compression and Dual/Adaptive Compression. You can also specify the number of channels for the NAL-NL1 and NAL-NL2 target rules.

Calibration history

A Complete Calibration History

Primus now stores complete calibration history. Simply open Sound Field Calibration where all calibration sessions will be listed chronologically. You will also be able to see the name of the technician who performed each calibration.

reproting on german market

Easier Reporting for The German Market

Our German customers can now select the option to show the latest Pure Tone and Speech diagrams for the following German language reports: Muster & Hörgeräteversorgung.

Check out the What’s New

You can read an in-depth rundown of the new features and how to utilize them here:

Primus Release 3.0_What's New

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